Top Magento Design Tips for A Successful ECommerce Store

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Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that provides a solution that offers online retailers with a versatile store management system. It manages features like shopping cart mechanism, appearance, contact, and operations of an online store.It provides the opportunity to build a  strong SEO, marketing, and catalog management solution.

Rolustech has organized solutions for different types of customers with e-commerce sites and has even helped some migrate to Magento with incredible agility and personalization expertise with the help of eCommerce development. The e-commerce platform offers many solutions and a vast array of offerings, including extensions development, theme customization, and maintenance services.

For developers and designers who are new to Magento, they may struggle with some of its features. The process of building an overall robust eCommerce website on Magento is simple. There are just some important aspects that need to be considered when developing a Magento website. So without further delay lets dive in so that we can help you set up your online store.

1. Domain Name

First and foremost you need to choose an eye-catching domain name.If you want to establish a strong online presence and spread awareness about your brand or company, selecting a suitable domain name is essential as it comprises of your web address along with your brand and an effective marketing solution. There are a few points you need to keep in mind when choosing a domain name. Select a name that is not too long, appealing, and easy to remember. Most general domain names are already taken so you need to select a distinctive one. The best domain name is the one that reflects your brand identity, helps build professional relationships through contacts, e-mail address related to the domain and offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for advertising.

2. Avail Managed Magento Hosting

The next step is to get a dedicated Magento hosting solution to ensure that your online store is running on its maximum potential and there are no performance issues. This will greatly enhance the overall productivity of your website by providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

3. Magento Template

After hosting and installing packages, the next most important to focus on is that you must improve your website by testing your products, services, and brands with Magento website templates. Make sure to pick up the most suitable template for this. One that reflects your business and compliments your brand. This will greatly help your online website to be visually pleasing to customers and as a result, have a positive impact on the overall customer experience.

4. Personalization

As you are focusing on designing an attractive and user-friendly Magento store, it’s essential to develop it in a way that it provides ease of usage. Ideally, it should provide the best possible user interface and customer experience to its clients. This will greatly improve customer relations and immensely help in driving more profits out of your online business.

In addition to this, the design of the store should be such that a minimum amount of time is consumed while shopping. Also, you should make sure to put up details about the product(s) precisely and accurately make map markings with proper navigational links to trigger users to visit your website and shop. It’s also highly recommended to use appealing yet straightforward fonts, hues, and frameworks. These styles enable your store to quickly grab the attention and make the Magento website design more appealing. Hence, personalization plays a critical role in the overall performance of the online store as it is directly related to the customer experience and we all know that a good customer experience leads to more sales and therefore more profits.

What’s Next?

In this article, we have discussed the things you need to consider when starting your Magento store, but obviously there are a lot of more things that will help you in your journey to own the ideal online store. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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