Towards reinventing Sugar CRM in Mobile Era


These days advancements in technology are expanding beyond imagination. Take mobile phones for instance, and you will find numerous apps ranging from social networks to e-learning, business and finance etc. It seems that the world has shrunk in a device as small as mobile phone. In such an era, transferring the CRM systems into mobile apps is a necessity. For this era of small screens, we have developed Sugar CRM App for iPhone.

Sugar CRM

Using iPhone Sugar CRM app users can manage business rights through their mobile devices and access everything while they are on the go. This app is a generic SugarCRM mobile client, which works across the board with all the SugarCRM versions. Salient features of the app are:

  • Works in both online and offline modes
  • Enables users to access any of the default or custom modules available in SugarCRM
  • You don’t need admin access to SugarCRM
  • Securely transmits your data
  • Provides 2 way data sync – you may completely sync all data or do it module wise
  • App provides generic list, edit and detail views and also handles the relationships across different modules


  • Encrypted local storage to prevent data breach
  • Compatible with all editions of SugarCRM
  • View your calls, meetings, tasks and opportunities at a glance via MyDay feature
  • View your calls, meetings, tasks and opportunities at a glance via MyDay feature
  • Easy access to all modules
  • You can choose to view all records or only those that are associated to you
  • Click to call phone numbers from within the app
  • Sync device calendar to add calls, meetings and tasks
  • Email support

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