The Trade-Off Between UX and CRM

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User Experience (UX) is a term that can broadly be defined as comprising of all aspects involved in creating an interaction between the end user and the products or services provided by a company. The CRM software has been designed in such a manner that it wasn’t meant to serve the needs of the end user. As a result, when businesses began to incorporate the features of CRM, they began to lose out on UX.

The trade-off between UX and CRM features created a dilemma for organizations because, while they were gaining on one end, they were losing out on the other. There are certain steps that can be taken when introducing the CRM software to ensure that the UX is maintained side by side.

While the CRM software may be focusing on collecting as much relevant information as possible from the consumers to benefit the organization, it may end up collecting excess information in the process. Thus, the process of collecting data should be simplified in order to facilitate the user. For instance, CRM should not require users to make double entries of information.

Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the information collected by the software is displayed in a user friendly manner, that is, it should not congest the screen. Otherwise, it would be time consuming for the users to sift through all the information, leaving a negative impact.

Moreover, the navigation process software needs to be simplified as much as possible in order to ensure that the users can understand how to operate it. For instance, tools or buttons that are not used frequently by the user can be hidden to improve user experience. Anything that can confuse the users regarding the use of CRM should be removed.

Therefore, the CRM should be designed from the perspective of the end user. A software is only as good as the experience it provides to its users.


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