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The latest Sugar Professional Update is here. Starting September 2020, Sugar is going to shift Sugar Professional to SugarCloud.  This update is following the recent release of Sugar Q2 2020 and is essentially an effort to end all on-Premise services all over the world. In the future, Sugar Professional will be part of the Sugar offerings on Cloud and new customers would have to use Cloud to access the service. 

There is no cause to worry as Sugar is trying to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Sugar has also confirmed that all previous clients would be able to continue using the on-Premise deployment. Similarly, deals that have been closed only recently will be honored as well as the quotes given before 1st September, based on the agreement between Sugar and individual firms. 

It is crucial to understand what this update entails for Sugar users and potential clients. We have prepared a quick guide to walk you through the process.   

What is new? 

Most Sugar users are curious about what the change holds for them. The good news is that this change is solely dependent on you. For the existing users of Sugar Pro which was deployed on-premise nothing has to change. They can decide to stay with their existing system. In turn, Sugar will provide them with all the necessary support, product updates, and fixes. 


On the other hand, the benefits of shifting to SugarCloud are many. Once you take the leap, you will be able to access a number of new features. The other benefits include uncompromised access to support, a state of the art security system, latest bug fixes, and updates.  For your ease, therefore, it is recommended that you migrate to SugarCloud. The people at Sugar will ensure that the transition is seamless and effortless at your time. 


Let’s take a look at the benefits accrued by the new Sugar Professional. 

What does it mean for you & your company? 

Enhanced Accessibility 

Previously customers and users had to visit the premises to reconfigure or fix issues in their Sugar Pro. That took up a lot of time and also required effort on the part of the users. However, now you can get things fixed remotely.  By migrating to SugarCloud services you can eliminate all such time delays. 

Add latest Product Features

With the new SugarPro you will be able to access the latest product features. You will be able to loop in the updated enhancement and fixes as soon as they are released. This will optimize the Sugar Pro experience for you and your company. 

Quick Bug Fixes 

The best part of moving Sugar Pro to cloud is the ability to get instant bug fixes. You only have to reach out to the support staff at any time and get instant feedback. This is essential for the smooth running of your firm. 

That is a Wrap! 

Sugar Professional on Cloud is here to stay. It is going to bring smarter, more efficient solutions for its users. Through Sugar Pro, you can easily access a number of few features at the earliest. You can also get all the technical assistance you need without leaving your workspace. The migration from on-Premise Sugar Pro to the cloud one has been made efficient and seamless by Sugar. This is a win-win situation for everyone, especially Sugar Pro users.

If you are considering migrating to the Cloud SugarPro, you only have to reach out to Rolustech. We are here to analyze your existing system and provide you with any technical support you would need throughout your journey. With our assistance, you are only a few clicks away from your shift to SugarPro on Cloud. Furthermore, we can assist you with Sugar Customizations and help you choose the integrations that are best suited for your needs. 


Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped several firms with various Sugar Migrations and Integrations. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!

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