What’s New in SugarCRM Fall ’19 Release?

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SugarCRM is innovating at a pace unimaginable. After the SugarCRM Summer’19 release, SugarCRM is up to a lot of new happenings. To enhance customer’s experience, the company has come up with some major upgrades that will surely add value to the users. The SugarCRM Fall’19 release follows the unveiling of the latest Sugar Products: Sugar Discover and Sugar Connect. No doubt, SugarCRM is on the path to being the leader in the CRM industry. 

The excitement is more than ever with the SugarCRM Fall’19 release! Let’s explore how the SugarCRM Fall’19 release is all about and how it will revolutionize your Sugar.

The New Features

Currently, SugarCRM is highly focused on end-users and is going to the next mile to create meaningful customer experiences. Here, we have unveiled some of the powerful features that SugarCRM has announced in the Fall’19 release that revolves around three core aspects: 

  1. Self-Service
  2. Automation 
  3. Collaboration

After these new enhancements, SugarCRM users will see an increase in their lead conversion rates, high customer satisfaction, accelerated revenues, and considerable cost cuts.  


As Sugar rebranded itself after the Summer 19 release, it came up with a new product called Sugar Serve with an emphasis on customer service. We have already covered how you can transform your customer’s journey with Sugar Serve through improved customer service.

Self-Service Portal

In the Sugar Fall’19 release, SugarCRM has announced a new feature of Self-Service Portal in the Sugar Serve. This added functionality in Sugar Serve will allow Sugar users to engage better with their customers through personalized engagements. The Self-Service Portal also allows the end-users to have quick and easy access to common user issues, along with managing and tracking cases efficiently.   

Along with this, new features focused on self-service were also added across the Sugar Portfolio. Let’s explore what’s new!

SugarCloud Insights

With Sugar Cloud insights, users get monthly notifications on their SugarCloud storage consumption across different Sugar Products including Enterprise, Professional, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Sell. 

CRM Sync Dashboard

Another feature is the CRM Sync Dashboard that ensures greater visibility and provides more information about the status of data synchronization between Sugar Enterprise and Professional. This can also be done to check the data synchronization between the Sugar Market and Sugar Sell. How will it benefit your business? With CRM Sync Dashboard, you can have a seamless alignment of your marketing and sales operations. Moreover, you can get real-time insights with the CRM dashboard to scale the impact of your business and boost growth.


Automation in SugarCRM just got better and faster. With the Sugar Fall’19 release, there some promising new features that will amplify the impact of automation in your Sugar.

Sugar Identity

With Sugar Identity, the customers can easily manage their user identities in a secure manner. It also lets you access different services and applications in the SugarCRM ecosystem. In the Sugar Fall’19 release, Sugar Identity has been enhanced for better automation of user lifecycle management with external identity provider services and Sugar’s Outlook Plugin (OPI). 

Sales Process Automation

Automation in sales processes just got better with the SugarCRM Fall’19 release. You can now leverage Sugar Sell to automate your key business processes and see a boost in productivity. Now, it won’t be a hassle to manage lead routing and discount approvals flow, as automation will make your tasks easy and efficient. 


As companies are doing business on the go by maximizing the benefits of Mobile CRM, Sugar Fall’19 release will keep you ahead of your competitors with collaboration through mobile. 

Leveraging Mobile CRM for Better Collaboration

With the Sugar Fall’19 release, Sugar users can add comments, collaborate on the go, and keep track of interactions to stay updated – all on their mobile. Moreover, it also helps teams to manage different accounts, leads, support cases, and opportunities better and faster. 

The Bottom Line!

The SugarCRM Fall’19 release is all about solving user’s problems before they face an issue. This will ensure a seamless user experience so that the customers are happy and see their business grow like never before!


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