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Recognized by leading market analysts as a CRM visionary and innovator, Sugar is now deployed for more than 2 million individuals in over 120 countries and in 26 languages. The sole focus of SugarCRM is to help its clients build unique customer experiences through great customer relationships. With this in mind, the company constantly strives to make Sugar better and more innovative with time.

The latest update of Sugar marks the beginning of the core Sugar product, providing a far greater level of predictability and, most importantly, an accelerated delivery of feature innovation for their on-demand customers.

Let’s see what SugarCRM has to offer in this latest update, SugarCRM 7.10.

New Features in SugarCRM 7.10

Emails User Interface

The Emails module now uses the Sidecar interface. It has been redesigned to store copies of email messages sent from Sugar or archived via one of the various email archiving options.

Users can view and work with email records much like they view and work with records in other Sidecar modules.

Outgoing Email Accounts

Users can configure multiple SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) accounts to send emails from Sugar.

Drill-Through Report Charts

With Drill Through charts, users can now click into a specific segment of the report’s chart to view a list of records belonging to that segment, without the need of building a separate report. Not only does Drill Through save users a great amount of time, but also adds a visually appealing interactivity to report creation.

Drill Through marks the next phase of reporting improvements that started off in Sugar 7.9.

Shareable Dashboards

Users can now manage dashboards throughout the organization and provide a clean and consistent Sugar experience across the board – dashboards can be shared, duplicated and defaulted (only admin users have access to default).

30 (28 for Sugar Professional) default dashboards have been included across various roles saving users a great deal of time in personalization and configuration.

Contracts User Interface

The Contracts module now uses the Sidecar user interface.

Contract Types User Interface

The Contract Types module now uses the Sidecar user interface.

Currencies User Interface

The Currencies module now uses the Sidecar user interface.

Products and Quotes-Related Modules User Interface

The Manufacturer’s, Shipping Providers, and Tax Rates modules now use the Sidecar user interface.

SAML Configuration Enhancement

Additional options have been added for configuring SSO using SAML.

Teams Filter

Multiple team selection is now supported when filtering based on the team’s field in Sidecar modules.

Elasticsearch 5.4 Support

Elasticsearch version 5.4 is now supported.

Bottom Line

With this release, Sugar has once again strengthened its commitment to provide its users with a solution that delivers on a long list of innovations specifically designed to help provide a superior customer experience.


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