Why Rolustech is your one-stop-shop for SugarCRM Customization?


Do you know why SugarCRM entered the market? Because it wanted to make “Every Customer Relationship Extraordinary” It wanted to come up with an open source CRM which could adapt to the needs of each and every individual and provide the best SugarCRM Customization possible. Has it achieved so? YES!

Gone are the days of complex CRM systems which were inflexible and entailed a lack of control for the end user. SugarCRM provided multiple choices with regards to deployment, hosting and enhancement-hence more control to the customer.

What, Why, and How of SugarCRM Customization:

One element that contributed to the unmatched success of SugarCRM was the extent of ‘Customization’ it offered. SugarCRM realized that when each and every business model is unique and is evolving in its own way then why their CRM systems should be rigid and inflexible.

It provided the opportunity to customize your Sugar the way you want, the extent to which you want it and whenever you want it.

Why Rolustech offers the best SUGAR Customization in the market place

Rolustech recognizes that default version of SugarCRM may not provide the maximum output for every single Sugar user.

Rolustech leverages on 9 years of exclusive Sugar experience, 500 custom implementations of Sugar and one of the largest development teams in the world to customize Sugar to the size, processes and operations of your business.

You’ll find below, the types of customizations our team at Rolustech takes care of

A) SugarCRM User Interface:

You are a unique person running a unique business having unique needs. Then why should you have a default User interface (UI) on Sugar. We aspire to understand your business first and create a customized User Interface for you.

This enhances your whole Sugar experience and increases the productivity by letting you carry out daily tasks without switching between several windows. This is the most common SugarCRM customization that is required by our global clientage. Take a look at how we modify your UI

SugarCRM Customization designSugarCRM Customization design 1SugarCRM Customization design 3


B) SugarCRM Custom Reports

In the ‘Big Data’ age, Data can prove to be a make or mar for your business. For this reason, Sugar provides various Reporting tools and integrations for you to attain useful insights and drive growth. But, a data created in Health Care industry can be very different from one created in Manufacturing.

But here’s a catch! No matter which industry you belong to. We can customizer your ‘reports’. This allows you to see specific KPIs for your business, gain insights into reasons you might be lagging behind your competitors, and recognize the performance indicators required to make you lead your industry.

Moreover, if your firm comprises of several departments like Marketing, Sales, and Supply Chain. All of them may require different reports to enhance their respective performance and contribute to the company’s goals.

This is where we step in and provide you with customized reports and take your SugarCRM customization to new heights.

C) SugarCRM Custom Module

SugarCRM provides a basic framework in your Sugar and allows you to build on this framework the custom modules you need. This can get technical and may cause design headaches down the road.

Don’t worry! Our experienced professionals who have completed more than 500 Sugar Customization projects have got your covered. Just let us know what you require and leave the rest to us. We will build the Modules for your Sugar and let you focus your time on your clients

D) Business Rules Implementation

No two businesses are alike and run on the same principles. We step in to implement the unique business rules you have in your Sugar and make your Sugar unique for you.  We implement the industry specific Business Rules to strike a perfect fit between your Sugar and your business model.

For instance you are dealing in the Real Estate industry. We would implement landscaping rules, by-laws, taxation rules which affect you and make industry specific Sugar customization for you.

E) SugarCRM Custom Fields

Want a custom field in your Sugar and have nothing but an idea? Don’t worry our team at Rolustech comprises of Design experts in addition to our developers. We take your idea and give it life.

Having complete command on the SugarCRM customization processes, we build custom fields for you which enable you to keep record of your important data help you form a central repository with which you can gain insights about your customers like never before.

F) SugarCRM Custom Relations

Want to streamline your business processes? Do you feel the need to define a relationship between two modules or fields in your Sugar?

We create these relationships to smooth out any kinks you might be experiencing in your Sugar by defining one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many relations within your Sugar.


For these and many other SugarCRM, X2Engine and SuiteCRM customizations you might require in times to come, we are a team of SugarCRM customization maestros at your service! Contact us here

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