Why You Must Experience Web to Lead Form in SugarCRM

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Why every business must experience the Web to Lead form in SugarCRM? What is it? What can it do for you? How can you use it? If you have these questions in mind, then you are in the right place.

Firstly, you can check out this Video Tutorial on How to Create Web to Lead Forms in Sugar.

I am going to answer each of these questions here. Let’s start with why businesses need it. Profit generation! Today, every entrepreneur aspires to supercharge his revenue streams and looks for ways to extend the client database and maximize opportunities. This wish remains a wish for people who sit back and dream, putting no effort in its realization. But this aspiration can turn into a reality, with impending success for those who take the initiative. The Web to Lead form is one of the easiest ways of going about it. If you are a SugarCRM user, then you are lucky. SugarCRM is a contemporary CRM solution that keeps changing with the changing needs of businesses and the environment. The Web to Lead form is a built-in feature of SugarCRM.  You can create campaign-specific forms not only for your website but other online locations as well.

What Is the Web to Lead Form and How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, the Web to Lead form is a form which you can place into your website. Providing a basic template for branding, this form acts an ultimate lead acquisition solution that captures leads from the website. It has the capacity to boost your sales and marketing related activities. It is a plain HTML form that is embedded into the website with some pre-defined fields, say the first name, last name, email, and so on. Using Sugar’s Web to Lead form, you can allow your visitors to submit their basic information and become leads in your Sugar instance. Once submitted successfully, this form transfers the lead information to SugarCRM through mapping. The feature does render the automatic assignment of leads through little customization. This is the basic functionality provided by the Web to Lead form of SugarCRM and it can be customized with no boundaries. The most sought after customization is:

Customize Form’s Layout, Style, and Design

Every business is different. You cannot fit a square peg in a round hole. Similarly, you cannot use one form in a diverse business scope. To cater to this individuality, SugarCRM lets the user customize the layout, style, and design of the form under the requirements of the business. You can choose fields from the provided list or can also use all fields. The form also allows you to play with colors.

Automates Leads Assignment

The next step after lead creation is follow up. To follow up on your lead, you have to assign a lead to your Sales Rep. This assignment process can be automated. You can also insert a scheduler to automate the assignment of leads using the Algorithm that distributes the leads (generated from the Web to Lead form) equally among the set list of Sales Reps. This is so that every lead is attended to and turned into an opportunity.

Adding Filters

To determine the ratio of leads coming through the Web to Lead form or any other source, you can add filters into the Web to Lead form. This functionality can further be customized to analyze the complete referral path of the lead.

This is all about the Web to Lead form. Now, as far as your role is concerned, you can get your Web to Lead form customized the way you want. I have provided you some basic information about some of the customization. If you have any other in mind, discuss it with us. We can transform your ideas into reality.


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