How SugarCRM enhances Customer Experience?



The mere thought of installing CRM software may be overwhelming but SugarCRM takes this apprehension away. Now, you don’t have to spend countless hours trying figure a low cost yet effective methods of managing your customer base to enhance their experience. SugarCRM does this for you. You can now enjoy:

  • Automated record keeping and correction of errors
  • Access to information in the centralized database and cloud
  • Consolidation of customer records and reduction of double-entry
  • Customization of current software

SugarCRM is known for its flexible and affordable solution. With SugarCRM, you can avail the benefit from all these at one time and on a single platform. Now, you don’t have to waste time and money trying to maneuver through reports and functions you don’t really need. So do away with the idea that SugarCRM is expensive to maintain. Initial Cost of SugarCRM packages is pretty reasonable . The maintenance cost and further, the additional integration and upgrades aren’t costly either.

(For a Complete Pricing Guide & Comparison with Salesforce Check this INFOGRAPHIC )

Let’s take a look at multiple functionalities of SugarCRM which help you provide exquisite customer experience:

SugarCRM Cloud Hosting: With SugarCRM, you can store customer information and sales and marketing strategies on cloud. Now you can devise strategies and reach out to your customers on the go.


Strengthening Customer Relations: Now, you can prompt your staff to maintain instantaneous communication with customers, monitor and capture changes in their preferences and needs. Far from being cumbersome and expensive SugarCRM provides great convenience at a low cost. Now, you can establish customer loyalty and generate more business.


Organize your Contacts: With SugarCRM you can organize your contacts by location, preferences or last date of contact. This reduces the cost of tracking individual customers separately when you can maintain their lists in one place which are accessible to all. Now you can market your products more effectively by targeting the right customer segment and shooting them offers that are specifically designed to meet their tastes and needs. Your SugarCRM would increase both sales and overall revenue.


Handle Email and Provide Reporting: Now, you can handle your leads and track their purchases to meet their needs. Follow up calls and emails are convenient yet affordable. SugarCRM makes such robust communication possible for you without any hitch. Similarly, you can analyze ROI and market trends using SugarCRM to target the right audience to reduce chances of error and boost sales using the ideal CRM tool that makes it all possible.


SugarCRM increases convenience and grows revenue from sales with multiple functionalities, making it all the more affordable for your business!


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