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A SugarCRM user who deals with a lot of customers has to keep track of a number of different things, including sales orders, invoices, purchase orders etc. It would, therefore, be convenient if they could have an accounting software synced with SugarCRM to manage all of this.  Xero is an apt choice for this since it has been declared the ‘top online accounting app’ and a SugarCRM integration with Xero can sync your accounting data with SugarCRM, thus allowing you to centralize customer details and streamline your business process. For that reason exactly, we’ve developed a Xero-SugarCRM Plug-in, read on to learn all about what it has to offer!

The following features are available in the plugin:

  • 2-way Sales Sync
  • 2-way Product Catalogue Sync
  • Payments Status
  • Accounts Sync
  • 2-way Contacts Sync
  • Multi-company Support
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Multi-tax rate Support
  • Print and Email PDF Invoices from SugarCRM.

Head on over here for more SugarCRM Plugins and if you don’t find what you need, get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis and we’ll find you the perfect plugin for you. 

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