The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) started operating in 1992 as a part of Canada’s sector council initiative. Today, FITT is recognized as a not-for-profit organization that is offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to obtain international business trainings, resources and professional certifications that enable them to compete in the international market.


One of the managers at FITT, Mr. Jacob Varghese approached Rolustech in 2011. Jacob knew that the education industry was growing at an immense rate on the global scale which meant that the demand for the services offered by FITT was on the rise as well. FITT’s mission is to build the proficiency of people, businesses and organizations and in order to cater to the increasing number of clients, Jacob approached Rolustech for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.
The previous system that FITT had employed was unable to fulfill its needs. One of the major problems that FITT had to deal with previously was that it could only integrate data one-way with a third party software, Yardstick. Yardstick was facilitating FITT in managing the exams. All student information was flowing automatically in one direction from FITT to Yardstick but information in the other direction was communicated manually.


After discussing FITT’s needs with Jacob in great detail, Rolustech proposed SugarCRM as the most suitable option, especially since it automatically allowed them to convey data bi-directionally. The team of CRM Experts at Rolustech configured and Customized SugarCRM to cater to FITT’s unique design.


Sugar surpassed FITT’s previous legacy system and equipped FITT with the tools it needed to remain competitive in the market while serving its clients with excellence. It made two-way data integration with Yardstick a possibility with a SugarCRM Integration, enabling FITT to manage exams with more proficiency.
Our SugarCRM Developers worked rigorously to provide support to FITT around the clock while laying down the groundwork for implementing Sugar. Rolustech continues to work with FITT to date, providing assistance in any way possible. A support contract has been signed with FITT in order to further strengthen the relationship between the two organizations.

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