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BK Brooks Kushman - Customized SugarCRM for Legal Industry


The company was using SQL servers which not only were costly but also caused issues in data recovery and backups.


We improved their system security and significantly boosted overall performance by linking the system back end with Sugar and front end with WordPress.

Brooks Kushman, a company based in the United States of America came into being in 1983 and today, it is a full service intellectual property and technology firm. The company specializes in the procurement, protection, enforcement and monetization of intellectual property assets. They offer their expertise to clients on a global scale and of various sizes, ranging from startups to some of the world’s most recognized corporations. With a diverse team of nearly 90 intellectual property professionals, Brooks Kushman is prepared to cater to its clients’ needs.

Mr. Bob LaGarde, the representative of Brooks Kushman, approached Rolustech in 2014 through one of its sister companies with whom Rolustech has been engaged with in the past. One of the main problems with the system at Brooks Kushman was that it was using SQL servers for the front end and back end. Due to this, the company had to seek assistance from a professional developer every time any minor changes were required. This added to the tangible and intangible costs of Brooks Kushman. Backup and recovery were another issue with the SQL servers in place which introduced an element of risk, something an intellectual property firm cannot afford.

Rolustech evaluated the needs of Brooks Kushman and eventually developed a separate system for the front end and the back end to increase efficiency. While the front end was linked with WordPress, the back end was linked with Sugar CRM. Separating the servers was highly beneficial for Brooks Kushman as it improved the privacy for the users, allowed content to be managed in a better manner and boosted performance overall. Rolustech also introduced an application programming interface (API) which enabled Brooks Kushman to widen their reach and increased the level of automation. With Sugar in place at the back end, Rolustech provided Brooks Kushman with trainings so they could operate the system on their own, which meant that they no longer had to rely on developers.

Furthermore, Rolustech carried out third party integrations with Sugar to add more value. Some of the main integrations were done for PDF, Excel and Mail Merge. Integrating Mail Merge with Sugar is not standard, but Rolustech knew that it would be constructive for Brooks Kushman. Hence, after carrying out research and development the integration was made possible. Rolustech continued to introduce social media plugins in the system for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Data migration from the SQL Database was another task that Rolustech carried out in a highly organized manner.

Within a period of just three weeks, Rolustech was able to implement a fully operational system for Brooks Kushman. The company highly appreciated the level of professionalism demonstrated by Rolustech and ended up signing a support contract.

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