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The House of St Barnabas, formerly known as the House of Charity, was founded in 1846 in London, United Kingdom. The charity was established to construct a future where lasting employment is a reality for those who are victims of homelessness and social exclusion in the society. In order to achieve their goal, an employment academy was set-up to provide people with a chance to improve their key skills which are necessary for building a brighter future.


A team comprising of some of the most notable members of the House of St Barnabas, Amy Leaning and Derek Baker, approached Rolustech for a CRM solution. The House of St Barnabas was attracting a lot of public attention and saw a rise in the number of members. However, it was becoming difficult to manage the growing number of member subscriptions which in turn was having a negative impact on the program. The increase in the members meant that the House of St Barnabas had to deal with more payments but the current system in place wasn’t efficient enough.


After a brief initial assessment, Rolustech presented a statement of work to HOSB which agreed to the proposed solution. It included the following deliverables:

  1. A streamlined membership management
  2. A secure online payment processing
  3. Integration with Xero
  4. A bug management solution
  5. Training and Support


A team of experts at Rolustech analyzed the needs of the House of St Barnabas and provided a customized Sugar solution to them. Rolustech began by addressing the issue of the increasing members through Sugar which allowed the House of St Barnabas to manage their members who were enrolled in the program in a more efficient manner, keep a track of their progress, record the start and end date for each member and finally their attendance.

Furthermore, Rolustech proceeded by carrying out a number of integrations with Sugar. These included integrations with XERO accounting software, Sage software and Open Cart. These integrations automated the entire system of payments which included participation fee, donations and other miscellaneous cash flows. Moreover, the Sugar system was integrated with Redmine project management tool which allowed cases to be reported from Sugar and in this way enabled the House of St Barnabas to deal with issues immediately.

Due to the hard work put in by Rolustech’s team, the House of St Barnabas decided to sign the support and training contract. Now Rolustech offers them one window training and support for their system which frees them from worrying about the system and instead spend time focusing on their club’s activities.


By strengthening the relationships with the members, the House of St Barnabas was able to improve the overall functionality of the organization. They were also able to track their own progress with better insights available in the custom solution. All the cash flows in the system were being securely made and tracked in their Sugar solution while being synchronized with Xero platform. Overall, HOSB now had a unified view of all their processes and were better equipped to control all aspects of their non-profit.

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