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Miller Howard Investment Case Study

Client's Profile

Miller Howard Investments, Inc. is an independent, SEC-registered investment boutique with more than 25 years of experience managing equity portfolios for institutions and individuals in disciplined, dividend-focused investment strategies. Their portfolio strategies include: income-equity broad market stocks, master limited partnerships (MLPs), utilities, infrastructure and components of the energy commercial value chain. They also offer specialized Socially Responsible Investing options.

Need for a Solution

The company was previously using Sugar 6 to monitor and manage its business processes. However, with the release of Sugar 7, the management was eager to use the latest features for performance improvement, desiring the increased ease of integration/customization, development and standardization of processes. Furthermore, it desired to have its own mobile app so the employees could keep track of all their daily activities and stay connected with the business in real time from anywhere.

After holding multiple discovery sessions to work out their exact requirements, our CRM experts decided to migrate the data from Sugar 6 to Sugar 7 and build an iOS app for their business.


  • All the data was migrated from Sugar 6 to Sugar 7 smoothly and securely. using the most advanced ETL tools. Sugar was upgraded from Professional to Enterprise without any hassle. Moreover, the migration from My Sequel to MS SQL was swift and painless.
  • Nightly jobs were run to fetch data from an external database to update the system.
  • The following modules were customized to replicate their exact processes onto the CRM: Investor Accounts, Funds In/Out, Strategies, Stock Weight, Portfolio Changes, Dividends and Cuts.
  • iOS app was built based on the architecture of RSugar. Employees could view their activities like calls, meetings, tasks, leads etc. Any department could make a group of its staff to exchange news and views. Documents could be shared and viewed online.


As promised, Rolustech ensured a seamless journey as the data of Miller Howard was migrated to Sugar 7 with 100% accuracy and business continuity. An ongoing support contract was signed between Rolustech and Miller Howard Investment firm. Our experts will continue to facilitate them and provide assistance in the future.

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