Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Valentine Roofing

Founded in 2008, Valentine Roofing is a Western Washington roofing company based in Tukwila. It offers roof replacements and roof services for residential homes. It performs entire roof replacements and roof repairs; as well as installing new gutters and replacing skylights. Other services include roof cleaning and maintenance.


Valentine Roofing had recently shifted to Sugar from Act! CRM to manage its day to day affairs. It wanted to make this transition smoother, better acclimatize the new CRM according to its business processes and optimize it so employees’ work effort could be significantly reduced when manually entering customer data into the CRM. To this end, Valentine wanted our team of SugarCRM developers to modify UI elements, fields and certain default functionalities in Sugar.


  • Made it possible to manage various customer details from the Contacts modules UI including phones and email addresses. The ability to add multiple phone and address fields was also added to the Contacts module along with an autofill feature for some fields.
  • Custom dashboards were set up (including Meetings by month, canceled appointments, and lead sources).
  • The theme was customized so Sugar would resemble Act! CRM. Subpanels were now in tabbed view and always open. Tabs included Eagle Views, Production Photos, Estimator Files, and Access Photo, and Single Click launch was implemented for all of them.
  • A Chrome extension was made that got accounts data and populated Google Sheets with this data. Google Drive synchronization of documents with Sugar was also implemented.


The improvements in UI and the SugarCRM field customization made the system much more responsive and adept at storing and handling customer data. Autofill on field creation, intuitive subpanels, and Single Click Access reduced the time and manual effort, making routine tasks less arduous for employees. The custom dashboards allowed each individual Salesperson and Repairs person to stay on top of his daily affairs and activities. Google Drive Syncing with Sugar allowed documents to be conveniently edited using Google Apps and then be saved back in Sugar. The theme customization replicated Act! CRM’s look and feel to near perfection and made it easy for employees to use Sugar.

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