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Never underestimate the power of selling while you are on the move. Rolustech provides organizations with a wide variety of innovative mobile solutions to transform their business and close more deals. In particular, we can assist organizations in:

  • Native Application

From consultation to development, implementation and maintenance, Rolustech can help you build and design a native application to take full advantage of built-in features of a platform — they can use the camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts, and so on.

Our in-house developers have wide exposure in delivering the following types of applications:

  • Enterprise and Closed Applications: These are designed specifically for an individual keeping in mind their internal ecosystem.
  • Public Applications: These are developed for the wider audience i.e. customers of a business for effective experience.

Rolustech not only allows you to build a powerful app, but also enables you to publish it on various app stores, including the Apple App Store, Google Play & Windows Phone. That’s why we can help you capitalize on the benefits of having the best possible native app that your business deserves.

  • Responsive Application

Adapting web content to mobile devices through responsive design has two main advantages: time and money.Responsive application is certainly a more affordable option for your business as compared to the development of a mobile app. Take into consideration the initial costs of redesigning your website to be mobile friendly, then the cost of occasional upkeep and upgrades. Let us put our expertise to work for you as we offer a responsive solution that will enhance the viewing experience of your clients.

With our in-depth industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology and proven delivery methods, we build customized solutions based on best practices and solid implementation methodologies that deliver tangible results and serve our clients in an outstanding fashion.

For further details and information, take a look at our portfolio page here.

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