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Want to get more value out of your Salesforce?

Tap into the expertise of our 30+ certified Salesforce consultants, architects, and developers to create versatile digital solutions. Through comprehensive business analysis and implementation, we deliver outstanding Salesforce consulting services that are customized to meet your unique needs.

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Why Consider Rolustech as Your Salesforce Development Partner?

We specialize in optimizing your Salesforce investment through comprehensive application development services designed to enhance organizational efficiency, boost ROI, and drive revenue growth. Our seasoned Salesforce consultants and certified experts offer tailored solutions to companies across various industry verticals.

Our service spans Salesforce Consulting, Custom Development, Mobile App Development, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Lightning, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Integration. As an accredited Salesforce Partner, we leverage cutting-edge CRM principles to revamp your business approach, unify stakeholders, and empower your workforce to maximize value generation.

Client Testimonials

Great communication, technical knowledge and execution, thanks team for completing our project!
Kim Pankey
Great work, thanks, clearly this team is experienced in Salesforce Lightning, and able to quickly help clients.
David Zernik
They were fast and sharp to develop/complete the task and most likely we will count on them for future cases
Amanda Pinon
They were all very professional and organized. They kept in close contact and explained the milestones they achieved each step of the way. They were able to get the job completed in the time frame they proposed and they even stayed around late to accommodate for my timezone. Great company! I've already hired them again.
Chris Hawkins
Rolustech has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past few months. We initially engaged with Rolustech for some expert SugarCRM development and consultancy; it was quickly apparent that they have exceptional command in all LAMP technologies. Their hard work ethics, backed up by uncompromising support should be a textbook example to the rest of the outsourcing community. Six months in and we're sending more work their way all the time.
Niki Dinsey : Managing Director - Sarsen Education
When we needed some complex functionality developed very quickly Rolustech were very quick to understand and respond to our requests. They know the Sugar platform inside-out and how to work with its quirks and reuse existing functionality in new ways very quickly. We have reached a significant milestone in our intended Sugar system. Communication is the key to success in complex projects and these guys are very thorough and endeavour to work with the way you prefer to work. We look forward to working with them more in future and hope they continue to grow their team.
Marcus Quinn: Managing Director - Agent Ltd.
It was a great experience working with Rolustech as they completely understood all our requirements and implemented our unique business processes successfully. They were prompt in communication, development and execution. We feel privileged to have been able to build a strong business relationship with the team and look forward to working with them again in the near future.
Alex Hamdy : Marketing Manager - Sentronex
Rolustech is a great provider. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to PHP and SugarCRM. They also remained very much on schedule throughout the whole project. I would highly recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Justin Weber : - Sourcetoad LLC
Rolustech was extremely professional and very courteous. They communicated with me without fail and displayed a great deal of patience as we worked together to create solutions.
Karina Schuelke : Operations Manager - Adpearance

Our Salesforce Services

Salesforce Consulting

We provide top-tier Salesforce consultation and development services aimed at boosting your sales, marketing, and customer service capabilities. This entails a thorough assessment of your specific needs, selection of the most suitable Salesforce product and edition, customized process design, and the implementation of a user adoption strategy for a seamless onboarding experience for all stakeholders. 

Salesforce Implementation

Whether you’re exploring Salesforce for the first time or looking to optimize your existing implementation, our certified Salesforce software developers possess the complete skill set to deliver the perfect solution for your business. We understand the common implementation challenges that can emerge and take a proactive approach to apprehend these in advance.  As a Salesforce agency, we excel in providing services to optimize CRM solutions.

Salesforce Integration

Prior to initiating any project, our team of Salesforce experts conducts a comprehensive assessment of your IT landscape, enabling us to formulate a tailored strategy. Whether you require seamless integration with third-party applications or plugins, our skilled Salesforce integration developers are equipped to create a unified software ecosystem streamlining business processes and enhancing productivity.

Salesforce Migration

Our Salesforce data migration experts perform both Salesforce to Salesforce and third-party to Salesforce migration, including upgrading native products using the best ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools. By following an automated or custom Salesforce migration approach based on the data complexity and volume of the source data, our teams swiftly migrate your data without impacting the existing workflows and processes.

Salesforce Customization

We recognize that an out of the box Salesforce platform may not align with every unique business requirement, necessitating a personalized approach. Our goal is to assist you in tailoring Salesforce to your specific needs, transforming it into a dynamic catalyst that empowers your Marketing and Sales teams to deliver enhanced value for your business.

Salesforce Training

Elevate your team’s proficiency with tailored Salesforce Admin and Developer training. Our courses are meticulously crafted to cultivate deep expertise, whether in managing administrative functions or diving into the intricacies of Salesforce application development. Equip your staff with the knowledge they need to drive your business growth.

Salesforce Support and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive support services tailored to your business needs, including security management, training, and demos, ensuring your systems’ functionality is efficiently managed and optimized. From debugging and modifying application functionality to expanding capabilities, we employ various strategies to extend the lifespan of your application and enhance its performance.


Salesforce Essentials-User/month($25) Lightning Professoinal-User/Month($75) Lightning Enterprise-User/Month($150) Lightning Unlimited-User/Month($300)
Out of the box CRM for up to 5 users Complete CRM for any size team Deeply customizable CRM for your business Unlimited CRM power and support
Lead Management
Lead Scoring
Einstien Lead Scoring
Duplicate Blocking
Web-to-Lead Capture
Mass Email
Campaign Management
Sales Team
Sales App
Custom opportuinity Fields in Forcasting
Advanced Reporting Features
Full SandBox (included)
Access to Premier Success
24/7 Toll-Free Support
Developer Support
Access to Accelators
Configurable Reports and Dashboards
Case Managament
Lead Generation
Lightning Platform
Partial Sandbox
Lightening Sync
Forcasting Mobiile App
Manage customer and Sales Details
Get real-time insights
Find and Manage Leads Better

Salesforce Products We Work With

As a Salesforce consulting partner, our team of highly skilled Salesforce developers boasts an exceptional level of expertise in working with a wide range of Salesforce products. Whether it’s optimizing your Sales Cloud to drive revenue, enhancing your customer service capabilities with Service Cloud, leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud for targeted campaigns, streamlining business processes with Salesforce Lightning, or achieving seamless integration using Salesforce Integration, our developers have mastered them all. We offer expert Pardot Salesforce development services to enhance your marketing automation capabilities. With our deep understanding of these Salesforce products, we empower your organization to get the maximum value out of the Salesforce ecosystem for unparalleled growth and success.


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What makes us your best choice?

Model Flexibility

Hire a single developer or a dedicated team, ideal for smaller projects or quick fixes. Or hire a dedicated team suitable for larger projects with diverse needs.

Seamless Scalability

Adapt to unexpected project growth with our assistance. Our process ensures that the transition is smooth, allowing you to focus on achieving your project goals without any interruptions.

Instant Deployment

Our dedicated team of Certified experts is on standby, ready to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, ensuring minimal disruption while maximizing efficiency.

Client-Centric Approach

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We adhere to industry best practices, rigorous testing, and quality assurance measures to ensure that your project meets the highest standards.


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