AWS re:Invent 2020 Recapped

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At the end of 2020, AWS hosted its annual conference, only this time it was 100% virtual. AWS re:Invent: 2020 lasted for three weeks and was free for the public to join. That means announcements, content, and even training were all on offer at no additional cost. At Rolustech we have also been attending the event to gain insights and we have decided to spread the word about all that happened. There were a series of announcements regarding cloud computing, databases, machine learning, and storage. 

Cloud Computing

Additional AWS EC2 Instances

New EC2 instances have been announced and some have already been added, with R5b, D3, and M5zn available right now. You can also get T4g for a free trial, with C4gn and G4ad to be released at a later date. These new instances are powered by Intel, Intel Xeon, AMD, and AWS Gravitron2.

After a long time, a new operating system has finally been added to EC2. The aim of this is to target processes that can only work on MacOS, including building cloud applications for iOS. 

AWS Lambda Upgrades

Amazon announced that the billing accuracy has been increased from 100ms to just 1ms. What this means is that automatically the cost of each Lambda function will decrease since billing is much more refined. How this came to be was functions were now available with 10GB of memory, with the addition of 6 vCPUs. 

Container images are now supported as a packaging format, making it easier to transition to this type of serverless workflow.

Outside Deployment

Amazon EKS and Amazon ECS are dubbed Amazon EKS Anywhere and Amazon ECS for deployment outside of AWS. This includes other cloud services and will be able to integrate with fewer delays. AWS is now right next to their competition Microsoft and Google, who offered this in Azure AKS and Anthos beforehand.

AWS Proton

The first managed application deployment service for containers and serverless applications was announced. Teams can use AWS Proton to connect the tools for code deployments and infrastructure provisioning. 

AWS has also opened a public container registry dubbed ECR Public Repositories.



This new volume type for the block storage service offers much higher performance at 80% of the price of gp2. With no discernable downside, it is being advised to switch to gp3 immediately for businesses. 

AWS S3 Update

S3 for object storage is receiving a boost in reading and writing speeds, enhancing workflows instantly. Other improvements include replication with multiple destination buckets as well as two-way replication over different regions.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AWS SageMaker

A lot of the AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence announcements were focused on SageMaker. A new Amazon SageMaker Feature Store is a repository built to host, retrieve, and update machine learning features. 

SageMaker Clarify solves a problem we didn’t know we had, detecting biases and explainability using artificial intelligence. 

Other AWS Machine Learning Additions

AWS Trainium has been built for machine learning, it is a training chip meant for efficient learning. Amazon Monitron is one system that deals with analyzing the behavior of industrial machinery for abnormalities. AWS Panorama was also announced to be a machine learning appliance and SDK.

Lastly, we have Amazon Lookout for Metrics, Equipment, and Vision. These are for the efficient detection of anomalies coupled with time series analysis. 


Previews for Babelfish for AWS Aurora were available, it enables Aurora to understand commands written for the Microsoft SQL Server.

A new database, both serverless and relational was announced called Aurora Serverless v2, and combines with My SQL.

Key Takeaway

The event was a huge success for Amazon, it was stated that in just 2 days there were 500,000 new registrations. Every year, AWS re:Invent is the most highly anticipated cloud conference, with leadership sessions from the top experts. 

A large number of enhancements and new cloud tools have been announced. The new features make AWS a cloud platform to reckon with. 

AWS re:Invent 2020 was a breathtaking event, and a huge learning experience, giving us all a lot to ponder over. 


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