From Sugar Community to Sugar Club: Your Guide to What’s New

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From the developers of SugarCRM comes exciting news. Starting today, 10th August 2020, Sugar is officially launching an improved, glammed-up, and innovative version of the Sugar Community. Sugar Club, as it will be called, comes with a bunch of exciting features and dimensions. 


The new platform, which will be replacing the old Sugar Community, is not only going to inaugurate a new era of instant high tech support and growth but it will also promote a culture of advocacy. The new Sugar Club is released to compete with the Salesforce Trailblazer. It is expected that it would be an even better platform of learning and interaction. 


Let’s take a look at what the new Sugar Club got for us! 

Get to know Sugar Club 

Sugar Club is not just a simple revamping of the Sugar Community, rather it promises a new vision altogether. It is an attempt to change the way Sugar Community interacts with itself and the rest of the world. You must be wondering what all the talk of the new vision is about. Let’s take a dive and see!  


The old methodology of Sugar which was rooted in providing and sharing technical services is now replaced by a more proactive approach. The new Club is oriented towards engagement, certification, best practices, training, advocacy, and individuality. It has a multi-product and multi-region focus. 


These new approaches, as mentioned above, are propelled by three cornerstones of Sugar Club. The three pillars of Sugar Club are: engage, learn, and explore. Together these three aspects will revitalize the community and enhance your experience of being a member of the community. Each of these three pillars would be displayed separately, for you to explore, on the new website. Let’s look at each of these individually. 


This is the place where you showcase the best of your Sugar experience. In this area, you can share stories, best practices, and blog content.  You can also use this area to reach out and stay in touch with Sugar Partners and Developers. This is also the area where the Sugar employees can identify advocates. Sugar is really focused on building organic networks and maximizing outreach. Through their advocacy program, they will streamline these efforts and get in touch with advocates across the globe. 


This cornerstone is your gateway to SugarU. This is a new area and a unique blend of previous interfaces. In this area you can enroll in courses and training programs. Different pathways and channels are available for you. You can easily enroll in different courses and get certified training. This new aspect of Sugar Club is going to reinvent the Sugar experience and provide you with unparalleled opportunities or growth. 


This is the product-focused area and can be said to be the domain most closely aligned to the previous format. You can gain semi-technical assistance here. This aspect of Sugar Club is designed to ensure a smooth Admin and End-user experience. You can find blogs here as well as a lot of content that existed on Sugar Community. 

What is your new role? 

As members of the sugar community, you are advised to share this news with your networks. It is important that you drive the conversation around this product. You are also urged to join the club and share your stories. You can also add new content. Most of all, you are urged to interact as much as possible with each other and Sugar employees. Get to know the platform and share feedback. 

Important things to remember!

Let’s not forget the important dates in our excitement. We have listed them for you: 


10th August – Official launch of Sugar Club

17th August – Sugar Community will be taken down 


The existing data on Sugar Community, following a rigorous review, is  being migrated to the Club. You are advised to set up your new accounts as soon as possible. The Sugar Club website is easy to navigate and you wouldn’t have any difficulty in joining it! 


All in all, the goal of this exciting new platform is to promote higher engagement, increase awareness and provide certified training programs. This exhilarating change is bound to substantially increase your learning experience and give you an opportunity to showcase your skills and best practices. Sugar Club is going to provide a wholesome and enriching experience for all. We can’t wait to see how it pans out. And we hope to be alongside you in this adventure.  

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