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Odoo Partnership Program- How to Build an Offer

The Odoo virtual webinar took place on the 24th of June 2021. The webinar was mainly targeted at Odoo partners, but anyone else could also attend it since it was free and online. The webinar’s agenda was to teach viewers how to come to an offer, build an offer, provide viewers with examples, and hold a Q&A session with them. 

Sales Cycle 

The sales cycle starts by acquiring a lead. Any lead that is acquired has to be qualified, meaning someone who could become a potential customer to you based on criteria and identifying information that they have freely provided. Once it has been established that the lead is qualified, a demo should be provided. The demo will show the prospect what your company can do for them. The demo is the key point where the customer (like a fish) will bite at the opportunity and be reeled in by the hook. 


Following the demo, your company will conduct an ROI analysis and present it to the potential customer. The client will then assess the analysis to give validation to your company. Then your company can proceed to make an offer to the client. After acceptance of the offer, the procedure of licensing and implementation would start. The Sales Cycle requires continuous maintenance and support. 


How Should You Format Your Offer

The overall format of the offer is extremely important. It reflects your company’s aesthetics and abilities. Here are a few tips and tricks that should be incorporated into your offer.

  • It should be easy to read
  • It should be visual 
  • You should include numbers 
  • It should represent the brand identity 

To reinforce your company’s brand identity, you should focus on using the same colors, fonts, and themes in every document that you produce. 


Sections to Include in Offer Letter

Ther are various sections that build up to form the offer letter. The key sections have been outlined below.  

About Us 

The offer letter should begin with a brief introduction of the company. This section should provide some background information about the company. Following would be the company history, the expertise of the company, and some information about the company’s partner level, certifications, and references. 



This section gives a brief overview of the problems the clients deal with. As an answer to these problems, you will pitch the solutions that the company offers for these problems. The section will be concluded by a short summary of the outcomes of these solutions provided by your company. 


About Odoo 

This section will primarily focus on the background information and company history of Odoo. It will also highlight the key selling points of Odoo, with the help of key figures, and references. 


Project Presentation

The project presentation will give a description of the customers’ needs. It will also make a reference to Legacy Systems that may exist in the company. Bottlenecks that need to be solved will be highlighted. Customer expectations will be addressed, and all the must-haves vs nice-to-haves will be differentiated. 


Hosting Platform 

The hosting platform will be identified. Its advantages and limitations will be discussed. High-level technical specifications regarding the hosting platform will be delivered. 


Agreed Methodology 

The agreed methodology should mention the guidelines, goals, and milestones. As well as highlight the expected collaboration method. 


Roles and Responsibilities 

This section will outline the roles and responsibilities of the employees that will be working on the project. The following roles will be identified: Project Leader, SPOC, Expert, Trainer, Odoo Account Manager, and Odoo Customer Success Manager. 


Keep it Relevant and Avoid Sales Language 

The offer letter should only include relevant information. No one likes to read unnecessary information. It is likely that your client might skip out on relevant information while trying to avoid reading the fluff that you have incorporated. 

Using sales language should be avoided, the offer should be as natural and organic as possible, rather than be a sales pitch. Throughout your content, it is important to be concise. 


What Should be the Goal?

The goal should be to: 

  • Build trust in your company 
  • Build trust in Odoo


Pricing Dos and Don’ts 


  1. Work time and material based 
  2. Break down costs 
  3. Include license cost
  4. Stand your ground and avoid charging your hourly rate 
  5. Include expected upsells 
  6. Include maintenance/support costs



  1. Fixed-price 
  2. Don’t undervalue your work 
  3. Avoid having 2 sales cycles 
  4. Don’t discount without a reason 


Things to Remember 

You should mention that you are an Odoo partner and not a reseller. Do not give so much Odoo information that it becomes an overkill. Do not give an overkill of technical specification unless it is a requirement. You should not exaggerate and promise to do something that you will not be able to do. 

Mention specific solutions for specific customer needs! Do not generalize. You should avoid committing to long-term deadlines, and explain why a certain task takes X time. 

Terms and Conditions should be fixed for most customers: Clearly and with transparency. Offer follow-up: confront the customer and plan a meeting for details.


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