Rolustech & Magento Partnership: The World of E-Commerce At Your Door-Step

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Rolustech has been a CRM service provider for almost 12 years now; we have grown and evolved alongside the industry and have satisfied more than 900 clients. Today, we are pleased to share the news of our official partnership with Magento. 

In a world that’s rapidly moving towards digital forms of conducting business, eCommerce and online stores are the next big thing. Our partnership with Magento is our way of showing that we are here to support you through this transformation. 

What is Magento? 

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. It is a wildly popular platform and has helped thousands of business owners in setting- up eCommerce stores. According to reports, Magento has more than 100,000 users globally and enjoys more than 30% of the online store market share. As of 2019, goods worth more than $155 billion have been sold via Magento-supported stores. The figures speak for themselves are only corroborated by the range of services offered by Magento. Magento is not simply an eCommerce hosting platform but also an excellent website development tool. The dynamic nature of Magento makes it a lucrative option for both established businesses and start-ups. 

What Does This Mean for You? 

Rolustech has always sought to keep the dreams and ambitions of its clients at the forefront of its own growth. This partnership means that we are ready to support the launch of your eCommerce business via Magento. 

Let’s look at all the features and functionalities you can leverage in your Magneto supported eCommerce business. 

Curate a Unique e-Commerce Platform with Magento 

Magento’s architecture comes with fast speed pages and a range of out-of-box features. It is intuitive and user-friendly. More recently, the release of Magento Commerce Cloud has made the deployment and maintenance process smoother. In addition to this, Magento’s appeal lies in its immersive shopping experience, simplified content management, elastic search features, and dynamic cross-selling opportunities. Through Magento, you can build an SEO friendly and interactive eCommerce platform. While AI in Magento will allow you to develop intelligent pages. Your Magento hosted eCommerce Platform can be easily integrated with payment gateways like PayPal and embedded in global marketplaces like Amazon. Thus, Magento acts as a perfect launching pad for your online store. You can gain higher visibility and more traffic simply because you are using Magento. 

Build Personalized and Engaging Websites

With Magento, website development is swift and painless. Magento’s websites are robust, dynamic and above all emulate your vision. You can customize the website themes to craft unique and content-rich interfaces. The best part is that the personalization of e-commerce sites, which is necessary to keep the clients engaged, is made incredibly easy with Magento. You can utilize the platform to host multiple websites and connect existing stores. This makes Magento a lucrative option for businesses looking to scale up. You can increase the outreach of your website by linking Magento with Social Media platforms— the resultant synergy will propel your marketing efforts to a new level, and tremendously increase the visibility of your website. 

Achieve Greater Agility through Magento & CRM integration 

The functionality and capability of your online store can be pushed by integrating Magento with a CRM like Sugar and Salesforce. The addition of a CRM will allow you to efficiently maintain customer profiles and manage the accounting aspect of your business. You can utilize marketing automation and sales optimization tools in your CRM to optimize performance. CRM Analytics can be utilized to glean insights and forecasts necessary to chart the fluctuating markets. CRMs will not only streamline the organizational mattress of your online store but also boost the overall productivity of your store and increase customer satisfaction. 

What’s Next? 

The next logical step is to reach out to us to run a comprehensive analysis of your business requirements. We follow internationally endorsed protocols to execute our projects. . 

Rolustech: Your Stop for all Magento related Needs 

We at Rolustech have an excellent track record of setting up Magento e-Commerce Platforms, as well as providing Magento customization, website development, and integration services. We are here to assist you with all of your Magento related needs. Reach out to us today to set up a free consultation session. 


Interested? Rolustech is an official Magento Partner Firm.  Our team of experts are fully equipped to develop your Magento e-commerce platform.  We also provide Magento Website Development, Customization and Integration services. Get in touch today for a FREE Business Analysis session.

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