From SugarCon to SugarConnection: Your Guide to What’s in Store This Fall

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The SugarConnection events are coming. Yup, you read that right, there’s more than one of them happening. SugarCRM announced earlier this year that its annual conference for partners, customers, and experts from across the tech industry, SugarCon will now be replaced with four smaller, more intimate events that will be taking place across locations worldwide starting in August. Let’s find out what these events will be all about, when they’re happening, and where they’ll be taking place.

The Details

Sugar has been rapidly rebranding over the past few months and one of the many changes that will be coming soon is that SugarCon will not be happening this year! Don’t fret though because SugarCRM will be hosting four events, that it’s calling SugarConnection, to make up for it. So, starting August, the first event will take place in San Francisco, they will move on to Boston in September, and then proceed all the way to Paris in October, followed by a final event in Mexico in November!

The exact dates of the events are:

  • San Francisco – August 6th
  • Boston – September 25th
  • Paris – October 23rd
  • Mexico City – November 6th

Why should you attend, you might be wondering? Well, let’s find out!

So, What’s It All About?

The SugarConnection events are a chance to meet with customer experience innovators to share insights, meet and learn from industry leaders and partners, and discover all kinds of innovations that are happening across the globe. The event provides hands-on training sessions and detailed explorations of proven best practices to allow attendees to learn and grow their businesses to the fullest. Essentially, SugarConnection is where you’ll find all there is to know about the latest industry updates and happenings at SugarCRM, get to interact with industry leaders and learn from not just these interactions, but also from a number of keynote speeches, sessions, and much more!

Sugar has opted for four smaller events this year instead of just one to make sure the learning experience becomes all the more inclusive for partners and customers, who can take away more from the more personal setting. The added benefit of the events being spread across various locations is that they will also be significantly more accessible for partners and customers who are spread across the globe. The events in Paris and Mexico, in particular, will definitely ensure more involvement from SugarCRM’s EMEA and LATAM customers respectively.

What About Us?   

And now, for the part we’ve been dying to talk about, Rolustech at SugarConnection 2019! 

If you’ve been following this space for a while, you’ll know that Rolustech has been sponsoring SugarCon for the past few years. The previous years have marked superhero efforts from Rolustech to bring some of its most innovative products and SugarCRM plug-ins to SugarCon and that is why SugarCon 2018 ended up being the busiest one the Rolustech booth has had!

So, where can you catch Rolustech this year now that there are four different events happening? With the San Francisco event only a few days away and Rolustech being official sponsors of the event, we are busy finalizing some very exciting demos for our latest products and we can’t wait to share them with those of you who will be there. Needless to say, if you’ve decided to attend, make sure to stop by the booth and say hello!

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM Integrations and Customization. Contact us today for your FREE Consultation Session. We will be happy to assist you!

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