Q1: I have installed RT CXM but live chat isn’t working?

Make sure live chat is enabled in RT CXM WordPress configuration.


Q2: How far back I see in the TrackFlow history?


Q3: What happens when no user is online to chat with customers on the website?

A form pops up asking for email so that when a user becomes online, they can get back through email


Q4: Does RT CXM work with any CMS?

No, it is compatible with WordPress only


Q5: What kind of information do I get when tracking leads on my website?

  1. Visitor’s device
  2. OS
  3. Browser
  4. Location
  5. History of the pages visited
  6. And more


Q6: Can I get reports from the TrackFlow?

You can export all the tracks from leads or contacts modules’ detailview


Q7: What happens if the same visitor comes from a different platform?

Users are identified based on email and if


Q8: Why is my WordPress giving me a license error even though I have entered the license key?

Key needs to be validated at SugarCRM first