PDF templates

Send PDF templates as pdf documents through Accounts, contacts, leads & opportunities for signature.


Docusign Dashlet

View DocuSign Envelope statuses of Document Packets directly in Sugar dashlets on Global, Module and Record Level.


Real­time updates

View real­time document status changes directly from your Sugar Activity Stream.


Manage Doc Packet­

View statuses of documents and manage PDF Revisions with Document Packet

About RT Docusign

Sugar plugin that helps you close business deals faster and in a better way by bridging the gap between

SuagrCRM and Docusign Integration

Send your contracts and have them signed by your customers from any browser or mobile device within minutes.



SugarCRM & DocuSign Sync­

Keep your business in the cloud and enhance your customer management process, by closing deals faster with RT DocuSign. Sync documents between Sugar & DocuSign. You can Configure and send multiple documents from Sugar, and your customers can sign documents using their DocuSign account from any browser or mobile devices within minutes.

Configure RT DocuSign

Maintain privacy by restricting access to users for your DocuSign account. Configure RT DocuSign to ‘Global’, allowing all Sugar users to access Admin’s DocuSign Account for sending documents for signature. You can configure RT DocuSign to ‘User’ , which makes sure that all Sugar users use their personal DocuSign accounts for sending and sharing documents with customers.

Send Documents & PDF templates for signature

Relieving you of the hassle of physically sending contracts for signature. With RT DocuSign , you can upload and send multiple documents and PDFs to your customers. Along with the functionality to Add/Remove attached documents with Documents packet before send off. RT DocuSign integration feature works on Accounts, Contact, Opportunities and Leads modules. This integration also allows you to send PDF templates through modules for signature, by letting you upload templates from the PDF manager module.

PDF format

Helps sales personnel to take electronic signatures from customers and storing the signed documents as PDF in their relevant modules.

Track Documents

­ Get real time alerts on document status changes from your Global
Sugar Activity Stream. Additionally track status changes from record and Module level Activity streams.




per instance, monthly

(30-days trial)


  • Support included
  • License for one production Sugar instance
  • Works with these editions:
    • Professional
  • Works with versions 7.1.0 to 7.6



per instance, yearly

(30-days trial)


  • Support included
  • License for one production Sugar instance
  • Works with these editions:
    • Professional
  • Works with versions 7.1.0 to 7.6

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