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RT QuickBooks – Ready for Sugar 8!


  • OAuth 2.0
  • Add record URL in Quotes and Accounts Module
  • Sugar 8 Compatibility
  • Allowing a user to change the last sync time to sync data from the desired date
  • Adding Sync Immediately with Quickbooks button in quotes detail view


  • Product templates synced from QuickBooks to sugar aren’t populating correctly
  • Account is not attached while syncing Payments from QuickBooks to Sugar
  • Invoice from QB aren’t syncing from QuickBooks to Sugar(Documents)
  • While installing Bad Request error appears on custom installation page of RT-QuickBooks
  • In Contacts, if a user assigns a Contact record to Sales Person A, sync overrides this and assigns this to Admin user 1. Ideally, sync should not override the assigned users once these are set
  • When records are synced, QuickBooks Record field isn’t populated in Synchronization Data module
  • Error while uninstalling the plugin
  • Showing appropriate warning while saving a quote when an account or product is attached that isn’t synced with QuickBooks
  • Showing subpanel of Payments in Accounts module
  • Showing subpanel of Documents in Payments module
  • Product Syncing from Sugar to QuickBooks
  • Removing dependency of Ship Via field while syncing Quotes from Sugar to QuickBooks
  • In the Payments module, quotes aren’t populated in the subpanel
  • Throw a warning if User tries to sync module and has more than 100 records
  • Syncing same invoice again causes an issue, both manual and scheduler syncing stops

Known issues:

  • Shipping cost isn’t synced even if we provide it in quotes
  • Syncing a record should sync it’s all associated records e.g Accounts or Products attached in quote should sync automatically when Quote is synced

Special Instructions:

  1. If manual syncing popup doesn’t appear, try hard reloading the page or try incognito mode
  2. Try to set a reasonable time interval for the scheduled job performing data sync to avoid stacking in the jobs
  3. Also when scheduler is running, manual syncing throws an error that “Sync for this module is already running”. Wait for the scheduler to complete its job and then sync again
  4. If you have more then 100 records try to rely on scheduler rather performing manual module level sync


  • Compatible from SugarCRM 7.9 to 8.2

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