Bi-directional Syncing

Two way sync between Sugar and Box on mapped directories


Box Dashlet

Navigate through content mappings onto directly from the dashlet


Real time updates

View content status updates directly from your Sugar activity stream.


Pdf Syncing

PDFs generated from within Sugar can be directly stored and shared through

About RT SugarBox

Sugar plugin that makes content management and collaboration capabilities all the more simpler for users by bridging the gap between

SugarCRM and Box Integration

With RT SugarBox, you can edit documents and sign contracts using Box’s tools right from within Sugar.


Detailed Features

Bi-directional content syncing

Access, share, track and manage Box content directly from within Sugar, ensuring that your sales teams have the latest content to share with leads and customers. With Box and Sugar integrated together, manage all documents and upload content to and from Sugar. Create shared workspaces within Sugar to collaborate with team members, customers etc.


On list view or record view pages of Sugar’s modules (Only mapped with modules), user can create custom dashlets to view related folder directory in an embedded iframe. User can upload files directly from this iframe both manually or drag-and-drop file.

Box Configuration

Integrate your account with your Sugar system. This can be done directly from within Sugar. Through the administration section, just add in your credentials and you are all set to go!

Mapping of Modules & fields with Box folders

RT SugarBox facilitates you in mapping Sugar modules and fields to any Box directory. You will also be able to add and delete multiple mappings. So when you sync documents, they get mapped onto the assigned box directories.

Real time updates notifications will be enabled in Sugar activity stream. You will be able to view content status updates directly from your Sugar activity streams. Track the uploads, deletions, mappings etc. onto Box directly from the activity streams.


Send PDF templates as PDF documents to box directly from your Sugar action menu. You can also send PDFs generated from different modules in Sugar onto the mapped modules in

Upload documents through sub-panels

RT SugarBox facilitates users to upload documents directly from the Documents sub-panel in Sugar. Just select as the source of those documents and they shall be synced to your mapped Box directory in your Sugar Platform.


Invite teams and other users to collaborate on the mapped box directories. Furthermore, you can handle roles and permissions to assign to the collaborators on the shared content.




installation guide for sugar 7


User guide for sugar 7


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