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Bi-directional Syncing

Two way sync between Sugar and Box

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Files attached to a record are stored in their respective hierarchies on Box

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Secure Syncing

With OAuth 2.0 your files are synced securely across platforms

About RT SugarBox

Sugar plugin that makes content management and collaboration capabilities all the more simpler for users by bridging the gap between

SugarCRM and Box Integration

Experience seamless document and contract management with RT SugarBox’s integration with Box’s content management system. With this integration, you can easily edit and sign documents using Box’s file manager and content management tools, all from within your Sugar platform. This integration provides a comprehensive solution for managing your documents, it will keep all your data organized and secure. Say hello to streamlined efficiency with RT SugarBox and Box’s document management tools.

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Detailed Features

Bi-directional content syncing

Access, share, track and manage Box content directly from within Sugar, ensuring that your sales teams have the latest content to share with leads and customers. With Box and Sugar integrated together, manage all documents and upload content to and from Sugar.

Secure Synchronization

RT SugarBox makes sure the communication between Sugar and Box is as secure as possible. With the implementation of OAuth 2.0, your files are transferred safely over HTTPS on each timely sync.

Seamless Integration

Eliminate the need for manual token copying with the plug and play module of RT SugarBox. Enjoy a seamless integration with Box’s document management system and Sugar platform by simply logging into your Box account during installation. With this integration, you can easily access and sync your Box content management tools directly from your Sugar platform, making manual token copying a thing of the past. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and enhance your document management with RT SugarBox and Box’s file manager.

Organised Sync

Whenever you attach a document or file to a specific record in Sugar- be it a contact, an account, or a lead- SugarBox syncs the content to that specific record’s folder in the Box hierarchy. SugarBox makes sure you always have the right content in the right place.


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