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Salesforce Integration

In today’s highly competitive business landscape every business needs to map its processes effectively onto a CRM to boost productivity. Highly competitive markets demand processes to be operated from a single unified platform. To achieve this we can help you integrate your Salesforce with virtually any software that your teams need to achieve great results from Salesforce.

We integrate Salesforce with Third Party Software

In order to run every function from your CRM, businesses need customized integrations. Some of the most common integrations that make a CRM ready for your Marketing and Sales teams include Email Syncing Integration, Email Campaign Integration, Marketing Automation Integration and Accounting Integrations.

All integrations in Salesforce have to be modeled in APEX (a proprietary language). Our talented Salesforce development teams are experts in APEX and can provide your business with all the integrations to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Why Rolustech?

Our expertise is not limited to a few integrations. A decade of experience in the CRM industry and successfully executing more than 500 projects has given Team Rolustech the ability to comprehend all sorts of problems and suggest you the best possible integrations. This also includes designing a custom integration from scratch to address your needs. With a full range of implementation, training and support services, Rolustech draws a roadmap for every business that leads to guaranteed results.

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