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Get your Salesforce optimized for your business processes with our Salesforce Services. Rolustech is a Certified Salesforce Partner Firm with a team of Certified Salesforce Developers that can design and tailor your Salesforce instance to your exact business needs. Here is a look at everything we provide as part of our Salesforce Services.


Salesforce Consultancy

A majority of businesses do not make the most of their Salesforce due to a lack of technical proficiency with the platform. But with the expertise of an external service provider, you can maximize the potential of your Salesforce Implementation. As Certified Salesforce Partners, we have excellent technical proficiency in the Salesforce Cloud platform and can help you optimize your business processes on Salesforce Cloud. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the Salesforce platform, we also provide Salesforce Training to improve user adoption and retention.

Rolustech provides the following as part of their Salesforce Services:

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Implementation is a process that requires a keen eye for detail and organization. Correctly mapping out the current processes of a business is crucial to ensure that the subsequent implementation is successful. Our Salesforce Certified Developers take the primary steps very seriously and conduct a complete evaluation of your business processes, including current customization, workflows, and functionalities before moving on to the deployment on Salesforce. Once the deployment is complete, we work to tailor your Salesforce to your exact business requirements with Salesforce Customization and Integration. Get in touch to maximize your ROI with our Salesforce Implementation.

Salesforce Customization

The default Salesforce Cloud platform can be a great fit for a number of basic business requirements but to truly harness the full scope of its powers, you need to customize your Salesforce to meet your exact business needs. A customized Salesforce Cloud mirrors your business in more ways than one and can help you reach new heights. We at Rolustech can configure your Salesforce with customization and integration where needed and modify your workflows, reports, layouts, and more to replicate your business needs. As part of our Salesforce Services, we provide the following customization:

  • VisualForce Components/Pages
  • Lightning Components
  • Apex Triggers and Classes
  • Javascript Capabilities

Salesforce Data Migration

It’s never too late to move to Salesforce, and with Data Migration, it’s now easier than ever. Have all your modifications and customization in your current implementation mapped and migrated onto Salesforce with data migration. Rolustech, as an Official Salesforce Partner, provides data migration services from a number of different platforms on any instance, including Salesforce Lightning. Our data migration process makes the use of effective ETL tools and all the due consideration is given at each step of the way. Our methodology involves careful data mapping, data deduplication, seamless migration, and support to ensure you don’t run into issues once you’re on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Support

On the backend, Salesforce is a very intricate platform that can get complicated very quickly if you aren’t familiar with it. This can lead to a very daunting experience in terms of managing and maintaining the Salesforce Cloud platform. This is where Rolustech comes in with its dedicated Salesforce Support that takes the Support task off your hands so that you can focus on maximizing your business potential. Leveraging our extensive experience on the Salesforce platform, we bring the expertise to the table that handles all of your Salesforce support issues in a timely manner to help you manage and contain downtimes, if any.

As part of our Salesforce Services, we offer the following support options:

  • Email Support
  • Consultancy and Advice

Salesforce Training

User adoption and retention is one of the primary reasons why most organizations fail to capitalize on the benefits of Salesforce. Getting your workforce acquainted with a new platform is never easy, and it doesn’t help if they can’t find their way around it. However, with proper Salesforce Training, you can ensure that your workforce doesn’t just grow to like the Salesforce platform, but to love it. Rolustech provides Salesforce Training services for all three levels of users:

  • Salesforce Admin Training: Complete understanding of the Salesforce platform
  • Salesforce Developer Training: Understand the front-end and back-end of Salesforce
  • Salesforce End User Training: Give your Marketing, Sales, and Support teams the tools they need

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