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RT CXM – Out for Sugar 8!

RT CXM Release Notes
GDPR Compliance

  • Deletion of the parent (Lead/Contact) deletes related tracks, notifications, and chats
  • Parent (Lead/Contact) has the option to download related cxm data


  • Same email creates two leads bug resolved
  • Multiple lead records against a single visitor issue resolved
  • Chat or Form Submission not converting to a lead error resolved
  • RT Tracker View render failed error resolved
  • Social Insights dashlet and rt_cxm_email module removed
  • License page is not loading error resolved
  • Bug Free installation and uninstallation
  • Notes don’t get attached error resolved
  • Not a Valid RTCXM User in dashlets after validation bug resolved

Special Instructions

  • It is a good idea to perform Repair and Rebuild after installation (not required)


  • Compatible from SugarCRM 7.11 to 8.3 (onDemand installation requires plugins team assistance)

Release notes for RT CXM WordPress Plugin:

  • Compatibility from WordPress 4.5.0 to 5.0.3


  • Help link for Google Analytics Settings
  • Warnings to let User know that if the Plugin is not configured with SugarCRM the Live Chat and Form Submission Features will not be available.
  • Live Chat Design Revamp
  • Lead Form within the Chat
  • Unread messages will show up as a green dot on the icon


  • Timer for automated message to 15 seconds instead of 1 minute.
  • CXM Automated message will appear only once.
  • General Settings not able to store properly
  • Message from WordPress not received in SugarCRM
  • Failure to save Google Analytics UA property.
  • Google Analytics authorization issue.

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