RT DocusSign FAQs

Q1: Can I send multiple documents/PDF for signature?

Yes, and to do that click on the ‘+’ button to add more files to send. Here you can add/remove files that are to be sent to client for signature.


Q2: Can I update documents even after having clicked the ‘Send to DocuSign’ button?

Yes, you can upload/edit documents directly from the DocuSign screen that you will be redirected to.


Q3: What are the different types of statuses that the document packets are updated to, throughout
the signature process?

Once document packets are sent, their statuses will be updates every step of the way. You can track
these through the dashlet, activity streams and document packet records. The different status types include the following:

  • Created- The status of the document packet will be created, when you create a document packet but have not yet sent it to client for signing.
  • Sent- The status of the document packet will be ‘send’, when you send the document packet to the client/recipients for signature.
  • Delivered- The status of the document packet will be ‘delivered’; when the client opens the email received notifying them to sign the document.
  • Voided- The status of the document packet will be ‘voided’, when you discard a document packet from the DocuSign screen.
  • Completed- The status of the document packet will be ‘completed’, once the recipients have signed the documents.


Q4: Which DocuSign API Plan is compatible with RT DocuSign

RT DocuSign is compatible with Advanced API version of RT DocuSign, check it out here


Q5: How to verify when status set to “Send” in SugarCRM.

Check in the email whether document was sent or rejected after signature.


Q6: How to check Document Status in Sugar?

  • By Documents Packet’s Status
  • By Activity Stream (Global, Module/Record Level)


Q7: Can I associate signature placeholder field with recipient while creating template?

No, you can’t.


Q8: In which order placeholders for signature will be placed when template having multiple signature fields is send for signature to multiple recipients?

Signature placeholders will be placed in the order in which recipients are selected in DocuSign drawer.