Q1: Nothing is being synced. What do I do?

It could be due to an issue in configuration while setting up RTGSync or it could be due to cron job.
1- Cron job
Go to Administration -> schedulers. Select a scheduler job which is active and has interval set to as often as possible. In its detailview, check for the last successful run and if it is Never, go to the Schedulers page and scroll down to the bottom and follow the instructions to setup the crontab or contact your IT administrator to set it up for you.
2- Stuck job
Go to Administration -> schedulers -> GSync – Calendar. Under job log subpanel, check for the job status and if it is in running state, locate it in job_queue table in database and set its status to done, if it is queued, search for all scheduler jobs and find the one which is stuck in running status and update its value to done in db.
3- Quick Repair and Rebuild7
Perform a quick repair and rebuild by going to Administration -> repair -> Quick Repair and Rebuild and wait for the page to reload. When it does, scroll down to end and if you find a query, click on Execute button next to it.


Q2: I did not see the Google pop-up. What should I do?

Go to Profile-> Edit. Enter your Complete Gmail ID (i.e xyz@test.com) in the Gmail ID field. Once you click save settings and it will take you on popup screen to allow access (Important: Please ALREADY enable popup settings for your Browser to see the popup)
Click on ‘Allow Access’ in popup, you will be redirected on Home Screen.

If it still does not work, try the above step using a different browser.


Q3: I can not find the Gmail ID/Password fields. Where can I find them?

Gmail password field is not required in latest GSync release anymore and GSync doesn’t require it users to add Gmail ID filed manually anymore as it adds it automatically on installation.


Q4: Can I select particular Contacts or Emails for syncing?

No. The default syncing takes place with all contacts and email. However the plugin can be customized according to your unique needs. Just drop an email to support@rolustech.com with your customization request.


Q5: Can I select multiple Google Calendars for sync?

In RT GSync version 3.9.1 and above, it is possible to sync multiple Google calendars.


Q6: Can I select particular Calendar for syncing?

You can either select to sync only primary calendars or all calendars present in your Google calendar. However, it is not possible to chose a particular calendar to sync while opting out the others.


Q7: RT GSync is not syncing my emails to my CRM. Please help?

Syncing emails to Sugar is a default feature within the CRM even if you are not using RT GSync. RT GSync automatically archives the mails you receive with corresponding contacts/leads so you can view your email history with a certain contact/lead in the emails sub-panel in the record view.

Please note email archiving comes out of the box in Sugar version 7.10 and above. For version belo 7.10 you can use RT GSync for email archiving.


Q8: How to do I set the cron job?

Go to Administration, under system settings, locate schedulers and open it, you will find instructions to set up cron job at the end of the page.
1- Edit the cronjobs using “crontab -e”.
2- Then go to https://crontab-generator.org/ and generate a cron entry as required.
3- Then copy the generated cron and paste in the file opened by your previous command crontab -e
4- Save the file and exit


Q9: What is the maximum file size I can upload in Sugar to sync it with GDrive?

5 MB


Q10: How do I cancel my subscription?

When on SugarOutfitters/SuiteStore go to your Purchases on your Account and find the RT GSync subscription and there you will have the option to cancel your subscription.


Q11: The plugin does not meet my requirements. What should I do?

We can always add customizations in to the default functionality of the plugin. You can share your customization requests with us at support@rolustech.com.


Q12: Is RT GSync compatible with SuiteCRM?

Yes! To keep up with the in-demand SuiteCRM market, we have worked on making our plugins compatible with the CRM. RT GSync is compatible with the all versions of SuiteCRM. (Note: RT GSync’s Sugar 6 package can be used for your SuiteCRM