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Recruitment Managment 1

Recruitment Management

Automate the hiring process. Create and publish job openings, review job applications and shortlist the most qualified candidates

Employee Managment 1

Employee Management

Manage payrolls, attendance, on-boarding and reporting; streamlining all employee management processes

Performance Monitoring 1

Performance Monitoring

Get a 360 degree view of your employees. Track, evaluate and manage employee progress, performance, and productivity in relation to organizational goals.

Organizational Charts 1

Organizational Chart

Build organizational charts that ensure your workforce is aligned and set up for success.

About RT HRM

A plugin that empowers your Human Resource Managers


 Now you can post jobs on social media, schedule interviews, manage employees and conduct performance evaluations all from inside your SugarCRM

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Job Posting on social media

When a vacancy arises, advertise it on multiple social media platforms without having to log in to each one individually. Interested candidates can click on the link given at the end of the advertisement which will direct them to your company’s website where they will be asked to fill out an application form.

Receiving & Reviewing applications

After screening applications and evaluating resumes, shortlist the best candidates and schedule an interview.  Assign scores to each individual based on their skills and extend the job offer to the most accomplished candidate.

Streamline employee information

Handle all the details of your employees e.g. start and end date of employment, contact information, emergency contact details, bank account details etc. from one single platform.

Manage employees’ financial details

Create pay slips, generate reports related to employee attendance, leaves, tax information, provident funds, increment history, bonuses, compensations, deductions etc.

Generate Performance Reports

Rate the performance of your employees on a bi-annual or annual basis. Assess their productivity, communication, management and problem solving skills, specify their strengths and weaknesses and evaluate how well they work in pressure situations. Display the results in the form of charts & graphs.

Build Customized Organisational Charts

View the hierarchy that is prevalent within your company. Clicking on an employee’s profile will take you to the record view of that particular employee. See the project on which the employee is currently working and the details of that project. The organizational chart will be automatically updated as people join or leave the organization.


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