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Marketing Intelligence

Stay on top of your marketing campaigns and insights with two-way synchronization. Make use of tracking codes in different marketing platforms to analyze customer behavior and habits.


Marketing Automation

Automate everything from emails, websites to social media. Save time on repetitive tasks and find everything you need in one place.


Marketing Reports

RT Sugar Mautic is your one-stop source for all things related to reports. Analyze everything from customer behavior, engagement, and habits; seamlessly and effectively.

About RT Sugar Mautic

A powerful tool that unites

About RT Mautic Connect

By integrating SugarCRM with your marketing activities, you can get a complete and holistic view of your marketing efforts. With features like lead generation and email automation, you can generate and nurture leads with ease, while also tracking website traffic for deeper insights. Using SugarCRM’s reporting capabilities, you can efficiently analyze and report on all of your marketing activities, gaining valuable insights into your business operations.


SugarCRM and Mautic

RT Sugar Mautic simplifies marketing automation by allowing you to execute all your campaigns from one platform and track their ROI with ease. With features like lead generation and email automation, you can effortlessly create predefined actions for your email marketing activities, generating and nurturing leads automatically. Our integration with SugarCRM ensures that your marketing data is always accurate and up-to-date, allowing you to streamline your marketing activities and drive better business results. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, RT Sugar Mautic makes marketing automation easy and effective.

Email Archiving

RT Sugar Mautic automatically archives all inbound and outbound emails inside SugarCRM. This bi-directional synchronization lets you access emails from within your SugarCRM.

Lead Scoring

With RT Sugar Mautic, you can optimize your lead generation, scoring, and nurturing mechanisms. Create pre-defined templates that categorize leads depending upon their actions, behavior, touchpoints, and more! A lead then gets a score and is engaged with based on the criteria you defined. All of happens automatically and gives you an amazing lead management tool.


View detailed Mautic reports based on your marketing activities inside SugarCRM. Learn everything about your customers including their contact behavior, audience engagement, email results, marketing attribution, and pipeline growth.

Landing Pages

Create and tailor unique landing pages for your audience and feed submissions directly into your SugarCRM Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities module.

Website Tracking

View and capture anonymous and known visitor traffic details from your website and learn more about your visitors. Engage them in a more informed fashion and revitalize your marketing efforts from the front.


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  • License for one production Sugar instance
  • Works with versions 11.0.0 to 13.0.x

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