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SugarCRM Customization

Your Sugar platform should adapt to your business requirements for maximum ROI. This can be achieved through Sugar customization, an agile and flexible approach that places your CRM to cater to all the business challenges that you face. The default Sugar platform contains a number of features that can handle basic functionalities and requirements, but to achieve maximum business potential, you need to customize this platform to fulfill your precise business requirements.

It is also important to make sure your CRM should mirror your business and not the other way around. Millions of businesses use Sugar today. Each of these businesses have unique requirements, unique strategy and unique people implementing that strategy. Sugar in its default shape comes with basic functionalities and cannot drive expected results for businesses which significantly differ from each other. Smart businesses, which have customized their Sugar to their unique processes, enjoy many benefits that come along with it in their work processes.

SugarCRM Customization Services

Custom Modules

Workflow Customization

Custom Dashlets

Plugin Customization

Custom Fields

Reports Customization

Custom Filters

Sugar Theme Customization


SugarCRM Customization Services Rolustech Offers

Module Customization

Out of the box, Sugar comes with some default modules like Accounts, Leads and Contacts. All businesses do not have identical requirements or processes and therefore need custom built modules in their Sugar to make their system more responsive. These custom modules should be masterfully built with custom relationships between your business entities and workflows that reflect your business processes. Sugar provides the ability to build basic custom modules but developing a module which requires back-end programming is where things gets a bit tricky. This is exactly where our Certified SugarCRM Experts come into play.
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Customized Dashboard

Sugar is the first application that you log into when starting your day. A dashboard sits on the homepage of your Sugar and should ideally be customized to show you a complete picture of activities and actions you need to take. The dashboard of individual users should be enhanced to give them the confidence that they are on top of things. While a salesperson’s dashboard should show their sales targets, leads and scheduled calls; and a manager’s dashboard should give a bird’s eye view of all the Sales, Marketing and Support activities. You can implement all of this with customized dashboards in Sugar.

Custom Fields and Relationships

Every module in Sugar comes with default fields to store relevant information. Most of the time, these fields are sufficient to satisfy the needs of your business. Other times, you need more fields inside a module to add additional information about a record. Also, sometimes businesses need customization in the existing fields to automate their processes. Some of the SugarCRM Custom Fields we have developed include:
  • Additional Fields: Supporting fields appear if you enter a particular value in a default field.
  • Auto-Population: Several fields auto-fill to reduce the burden of data entry.
  • Custom Checks: Ensures that valid information is entered in the field.
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Custom Filters

In order to make Sugar one of the most dynamic and adaptable solutions for your business, SugarCRM provides several options to filter your data on. However, since every business is unique, the default filters may not scrutinize your data on the values you want or to an extent you need. Scenarios such as these call for advanced filters. Sugar’s architecture makes it possible to develop as many filters as you need to make your data work for you.

Custom Workflows

Workflows are cause and effect type actions that let the users automate several processes which would otherwise have to be done manually. A very simple example of this automation is triggering an email to a sales representative when a lead status is changed. Sugar provides the functionality to configure several of these workflow automations, but the configuration itself gets quite tricky if your organization has diverse processes. Rolustech has provided fully customized Sugar solutions to numerous different industry verticals. These solutions included a large number of custom workflows to automate their processes. Custom workflows not only save a lot of time but also streamlines the unique processes of a company and lead to high productivity and growth.
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Sugar Theme Customization

Sugar’s default theme out-of-the-box theme might not truly reflect your company’s image. It makes perfect sense to have customized SugarCRM themes in place that is attractive and visually appealing and helps improve user adoption and helps make your employees feel more motivated and productive.

The right themes should perfectly capture your brand’s vision and mirror the industry vertical your company operates in. The reason why Sugar is loved by users worldwide is because it’s a highly versatile and customizable platform. The design, structure and format of SugarCRM themes can be completely altered as per your unique needs and requirements to make it much more attractive and pleasing. Whether it’s your login page, dashlet, dashboard, list view, detail view, or record view; you can get anything and everything customized in SugarCRM.


Custom SugarCRM Reports

You need a robust reporting module in order to reap the full benefits of the wealth of information stored inside your Sugar. SugarCRM offers excellent reporting and custom report building functionalities. We at Rolustech understand that every business is unique and know what reports you need to get complete control over your business processes. We have built dynamic custom reports for our clients from a multitude of diverse business background and have extended the functionality of the reporting module in Sugar to help them leverage their data to gain valuable insights into their business.
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Other Customizations:

Rolustech is your one stop shop for Sugar customization. The examples mentioned are only a few of the customization services we’ve rendered for our clients. Owing to our extensive experience and talented SugarCRM developers, we can customize anything and everything in Sugar so that you can get the most value out of it.

Some of the other popular Sugar customization that are relevant to most businesses include:

  • Custom Dashlet
  • Custom Wizard
  • Custom Roles and Privileges
  • Time Log Widget
  • Third-party Software Integration
  • Email Module Customization
  • Calendar Customization
  • Email/SMS Campaign
  • Data Security Customization