Sugar Upgrade Packages

How it Works!

Here’s how we plan to take you through this. Take a look at the steps outlined below!

Sugar Upgrade Form
Start by filling out the Sugar Upgrade form with all the details about your current implementation
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Business Audit
Based on these details, our Certified SugarCRM Experts will put their analytical skills to use and do a complete audit of your current implementation
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Optimal Solution
After the audit, Rolustech will recommend an optimal solution, which will either be a Sugar Upgrade or Sugar Migration
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Rolustech will then implement the proposed solution to provide you with a seamless migration to your desired Sugar version
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Why Work with Us!

SugarCRM Certified

With over a decade of experience working with SugarCRM and having completed more than 600 projects, Rolustech guarantees a seamless transition and upgrade for your business.

Vast Experience

Rolustech has a team of 150+ resources and has completed over 100 migrations.

GDPR and ISO Compliance

Rolustech is ISO 27001 Certified and GDPR Compliant. This ensures data privacy and security during the course of your upgrade/migration.

Salient Features


Rolustech houses a dedicated team of CRM experts highly skilled in SugarCRM implementation, integration, and migration that can help give you a solution as quick as possible.


Rolustech uses the most effective Extraction, Transfer, and Loading (ETL) tools.


Rolustech complies with Industry standards of Data Protection and Data Privacy.

Active Support

Rolustech provides excellent support to ensure that you never run into issues.

Migration vs Upgrade: Difference?

Sugar Upgrade

A Sugar Upgrade is your solution if you’re looking to make a small jump e.g. from Sugar 7.9 to Sugar 9 with customizations and modifications that are upgrade safe.

Sugar Migration

A Sugar Migration is the strategic and calculated process of transferring data onto Sugar from a previous implementation that is not upgrade safe i.e. from Sugar CE to Sugar 9