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Rolustech is a full service SugarCRM Partner firm providing comprehensive solutions. We specialize in developing state of the art Web and Mobile solutions. The development methodology we apply to produce optimum results is a blend of


The Agile teams usually consist of 3-10 members. Projects requiring larger teams are made up as a combination of different small teams segmented according to their expertise.

We have appropriate support processes in place: Project Management, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Communication Management, Documentation and Training

Our main focus is to help you grow your business. Thus, we help you in every aspect with the project, to generate as much ROI as possible. We don’t just want to serve another client, but our policy is to be the vital source of the business growth.

SugarCRM Partner

We are one of the largest SugarCRM developer teams in the world. At Rolustech, we help businesses with SugarCRM Customization, Integration, Deployment, Maintenance, Support and much more.

We have a highly professional team comprising of SugarCRM Consultants, Developers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Support Professionals located across three continents. Our experts have extensive knowledge and complete control over SugarCRM services. Over the years, we have gained widespread recognition in the Sugar community due to our competency and high level of technical mastery. We aim at providing you the best possible experience with our company while giving you the confidence that we are available for help whenever you need it.

We also have dedicated teams focusing on Mobile Application Development specifically in iPhone and Android. We rapidly build cross platform, high performance and interactive apps which are not limited to SugarCRM only.. Our experience spanning over 10 years has allowed us to innovate and execute many distinctive projects that also include several unprecedented and unrivaled integrations & applications.

We are your one stop solution providers. We aim to make your business grow and constantly deliver high quality solutions at competitive rates.With our In-depth industry knowledge, profound customer experience, cutting-edge technology, and proven delivery methods, we provide the best-fit, scalable, secured and integrable CRM solution which delivers tangible results.

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