Custom Plugin Development

SugarCRM Plugins are general purpose plug-and-play solutions that prove to be a more feasible alternative when your business needs can be met without complex customization and intricate integrations.  Rolustech offers a full range of powerful SugarCRM plugins and add-ons that serve to expand the functionality of your SugarCRM in a few simple steps and help you create strong relationships with your customers by taking Sugar to the next level.

It is important to remember one thing, engaging with customers can make them feel valued, that is how our SugarCRM Plugins assist you to reach to them without any hassle. There are various plugins to choose from in the market however we offer only advanced plugins which are worth to use in your day-to-day business. Let’s look at in more detail what plugins we have to offer.

RT GSync

RT GSync is an award winning plugin that seamlessly integrates SugarCRM with your favorite Google Apps and bi-directionally syncs all your Google application data including Emails, Calendar, Documents and Contacts with Sugar. With RT GSync you can:

  • Automate email archiving for all your incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Synchronize documents, photos, audio and video files for almost all extensions between Google and Sugar.
  • Stay on top of your schedule by automatically syncing all your planned, performed and pending meetings, tasks, calls and appointments.

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Sugar salesmap plugin

RT Salesmap

RT SalesMap leverages Google’s powerful web mapping capabilities to enable a visual representation of records within Sugar. You can locate geographical locations of Accounts, Leads, and Contacts on Google Maps within your Sugar instantly. With RT SalesMap you can:

  • Distinguish between geocoded and nongeocoded addresses in your Sugar records.
  • Leverage Google Map’s enhanced navigation features and layouts such as satellite or map view.
  • Plot priority Accounts, Leads and Contacts using Radial Search.
  • Set up and save custom search filters.
  • Enhance visibility using Record Segmentation.

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RT Telephony

RT Telephony is an intuitive telephony solution that seamlessly integrates Sugar with Twilio and enables Voice (Inbound and Outbound) and SMS to make your client communications more efficient and productive. With RT Telephony, you can:

  • Enjoy advanced telephony features with a simple click in Sugar from mobile, web and desktop.
  • Set up a custom Interactive voice response.
  • Keep a record of every call made through Sugar with the Call Recording feature.
  • Set up scheduled SMS campaigns.
  • Forward incoming calls on the basis of agent availability.

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Sugar telephony plugin
sugarbox plugin

RT SugarBox

RT SugarBox makes content management and collaboration a whole lot easier by integrating Sugar with It streamlines business processes with bi-directional syncing, module mapping and real time updates. With RT SugarBox, you can:

  • Eliminating the need to send documents back and forth with updated revisions.
  • Edit documents and sign contracts effortlessly from within Sugar.
  • View content status updates directly from your Sugar activity stream in real time.
  • Store and share PDFs generated from within Sugar through
  • Upload documents through subpanels in Sugar.

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RT DocuSign

RT DocuSign integrates Sugar with DocuSign and helps you close business deal faster and conveniently. You can send documents from Sugar and have them signed by customers from any browser or mobile device within minutes. With RT DocuSign you can:

  • Send PDF templates as PDF documents through Accounts, Contacts, Leads & Opportunities for signature.
  • View DocuSign Envelope statuses of Document Packets directly in Sugar dashlets on Global, Module and Record Level.
  • View real-time document status changes directly from your Sugar Activity Stream.
  • Maintain privacy by restricting access to users for your DocuSign account.

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Sugar docusign plugin
Sugar plugins RT quickbooks

RT QuickBooks

RT Quickbooks integrates Sugar with Quickbooks and lets you harness the full power of the accounting software. QuickBooks helps you generate invoices, inventory and sales from your Sugar. With RT Quickbooks you can:

  • Sync Quickbooks customers, quotes, invoices and inventory with Sugar Accounts, Quotes and Items bidirectionally and keep the two latforms updated at all times.
  • Sync a record immediately to QuickBooks whenever you want to.
  • Track your sync history with integrated QuickBooks logs in Sugar.
    Configure which teams should be assigned to synchronized records .

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RT Xero

RT SugarXero integrates Sugar with Xero Accounting. It gives you complete control over your financial data and allows you to view invoices, purchase order history, lifetime value of customers and any outstanding amounts all from within Sugar. With RT SugarXero you can:

  • Sync Xero Contacts with Sugar Account and Contact records.
  • Create sales invoices from within Sugar.
  • Trigger Sugar workflows from sales history synced from Xero.
  • Identify and target market to clients based on purchase history or areas of product interest.
  • Leverage Sugar reports that combine your Sugar and Xero Accounting data.

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sugar xero plugin
Sugar cxm plugin


RT CXM seamlessly integrates Sugar with your WordPress website. It collaborates in real time and passes on behavioral information from your website to Sugar allowing you to correspond with visitors empowered with all the knowledge you need. With RT CXM you can:

  • Leverage valuable customer information to proactively interact with real time traffic on your website.
  • Automatically create leads and acquire user data.
  • Pull your lead’s social information and interests using their submitted email for better insights.
  • Get sales insights, suggestions and alerts on potential sales.
  • Track complete customer life-time.

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RT HRM is a complete HRM solution for Sugar that simplifies all HRM related activities such as recruitment management, performances evaluation and generating employee reports. With RT HRM you can:

  • Create and publish job openings, review job applications and shortlist the most qualified candidates.
  • Manage payrolls, attendance, on-boarding and reporting.
  • Track, evaluate and manage employee progress, performance, and productivity in relation to organizational goals.
  • Build organizational charts that ensure your workforce is aligned and set up for success.
  • Generate performance reports on a bi-annual or annual basis.
  • Create pay slips, generate reports related to employee attendance, leaves, tax information, provident funds, increment history, bonuses, etc.

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Sugar hrm plugin
RT Persolanize

RT Personalize

Sugar Personalization has never been easier now that you have RT Personalize in the fold. With this handy new plugin, you can easily change the look and feel of your Sugar within minutes:

  • Users can choose custom themes from a choice of predefined color schemes
  • RT Personalize also provides users the ability to have individual themes for their profiles rather than following a standard global theme
  • A Custom Font Family can also be applied in addition to the theme to make the personalization more unique

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RT SugarStripe

RT SugarStripe is a unique integration of Sugar with Stripe, one of the most popular payment gateways on the internet. Going beyond the Quotes module, you can now create invoices, send them to customers and track their progress all from within Sugar and much more:

  • Create, send, track and receive payments all from with in Sugar
  • Split payments in different multiple installments of your choice
  • Activate recurring payments for subscription based products
  • Secure, PCI compliant integration with Stripe

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RT Sugar Strip
RT Sticky Notes

RT StikiNotes

RT StikiNotes brings a new twist to taking notes in your Sugar! It’s a free utility plugin that lets you take notes anywhere and save the trouble of moving about to make them. With RT StikiNotes you can also:

  • Share notes with other team members
  • Link any note you make with any record in Sugar
  • Open StikiNotes on any page in Sugar without having to reload

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RT SugarVoice

RT SugarVoice integrates Sugar with Alexa so you can interact with your CRM in a much faster, easier and simpler way. Talk to your Sugar and get things done instantly with simple voice commands. With RT SugarVoice, you can:

  • Schedule meetings, make calls and update your calendar on the go
  • Add attendees to events from Leads and Contact modules by their names to keep things organized
  • Retrieve information and manage tasks efficiently
  • Stay updated with your schedule and keep things planned for enhanced productivity
  • Keep track of time by asking Alexa about your free time slots and improving time management
  • Dictate notes to Alexa to get them added to different contacts, leads, calls, and meetings

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RT SugarVoice for SugarCRMPluginsPage
RT SugarVoice for SugarCRMPluginsPage

RT SugarBoards

RT SugarBoards is a view-based plugin that lets you optimize data with the power of an interactive Kanban view. This unique SugarCRM plugin allows you to easily view and manage all your CRM data, seamlessly manage your pipeline and derive actionable insights. With RT SugarBoards, you can also:

  • Get a holistic view of your CRM data with the ease of a click through dynamic columns and cards
  • Stay on top of leads by leveraging interactive action items to make calls, schedule meetings, and manage tasks
  • Color code cards for an intuitive user experience and keep your data organized and easily accessible with filtered search integration
  • Leverage drag-and-drop features to move records from one stage to another and remove all bottlenecks in communication

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