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Leveraging on its extensive experience of CRM implementation, Rolustech possesses the complete skill set to deliver the perfect Salesforce Implementation for your business. We understand the common implementation challenges that emerge for any business and take a proactive approach to apprehend these in advance, thus helping you focus on your business activities. We help forward-thinking companies to drive the growth, retention, and efficiencies that ensure meaningful business outcomes for them. As a Certified Salesforce Partner firm, we can implement holistic solutions including various Salesforce integrations, customization as wells as data migration to Salesforce to meet our customer’s important business goals utilizing leading cloud technologies.


A good CRM system should touch upon all the various processes involved in the customer lifecycle. As Salesforce Certified Consultants, we have complete command over the whole life cycle of Salesforce Implementation and can help you in improving your business productivity.

Starting with a complete evaluation of your current business practices, we move on to:

Gathering and consolidating the precise business requirements

In order to maximize the potential of your Salesforce Implementation, it is necessary to document your business requirements to scope down the functionalities, processes, and workflows that will be implemented on Salesforce. We at Rolustech take this process seriously and run a complete audit that identifies your business, its mission, products & services, KPIs, and more. We then move on to identify the limitations of your current technology to see how these can be rectified with a Salesforce Implementation.

Laying the groundwork before deploying Salesforce

We then move on to establishing a framework that will organize the Salesforce Implementation. This is where we analyze your business needs and processes, and will begin to migrate your data on Salesforce. Once your data is fully migrated onto the Salesforce platform, we move on to the setup and configuration phase.

Customizing Salesforce according to your business processes

More often that not, you’ll require Salesforce Customization to truly use your system to its full potential. Rolustech has extensive expertise in Salesforce with a team of Certified Salesforce Developers. Whether it’s custom reports, dashboards, or components; our Salesforce Developers are up for the job!

Driving user adoption and training of users

Salesforce Training is a crucial step that plays a monumental role in making your Salesforce Implementation successful. Once the implementation is complete, you want your employees to adopt it, but this is seldom easy to do. We at Rolustech provide Salesforce Training services that can help you bring your workforce onboard, and our gamification techniques and strategies can help you drive user adoption rates.

Continuously revisiting and identifying improvement needs

Salesforce Implementation is a journey and to harvest the most out of your Salesforce, you need to continuously revisit and improve the system. Perhaps in the beginning there might be certain processes that weren’t identified but are now a necessity, or maybe you implemented certain workflows that aren’t optimized for your business. Constant revisiting can help you refine your Salesforce Implementation and keep your productivity on an upward trajectory. Our continuous ongoing Salesforce Support makes sure you hit the ground running with your Salesforce system.

Our Salesforce Implementation Methodology

Rolustech assesses your requirements and administers the changes required to reorient your business towards a  more customer-centric approach. We help you choose the most suitable Salesforce License so that you get the maximum out of your CRM. We also recognize that an off the shelf Cloud platform cannot possibly suit your exact processes so we provide Salesforce Customization to cater to your organization’s specific needs. Salesforce Training is another significant aspect we assist you with in order to make your implementation a success and help you achieve outstanding results. Our team of Salesforce Developers, Project Managers, Technical Architects, and Consultants leverage the most out of the Salesforce platform to rapidly deliver flexible, scalable applications. By offering a powerful suite of implementation services, we optimize Salesforce so that you get the maximum ROI on your CRM.

Q. What does a salesforce implementation partner do?

Salesforce implementation partners are chosen for their experience with a wide variety of businesses from different industry verticals. Salesforce implementation partners possess all the tools needed to ensure that your Salesforce implementation fits your exact business processes.


Q. How long does a Salesforce implementation take?

The time frame for a Salesforce Implementation depends upon the number of customizations involved. If you require generic customization and processes, the implementation can take anywhere between 2-8 weeks. For more complex implementations, more time might be required. The best way to get an accurate timeframe for your project is to get in touch with Salesforce partners.


Q. How do I know my Salesforce implementation will be of a satisfactory quality?

Certified Salesforce implementation partners such as Rolustech have considerable experience in successfully delivering Salesforce projects and have a comprehensive implementation process that does not leave gaps in quality.


Q. How do you ensure project implementation on track?

Yes, we make use of the best project management tools and provide clients access to them so they can monitor the progress of their projects without any hassle. You can learn more about how we keep you in the loop by getting in touch with us.


Q. What benefit does a Salesforce implementation entail?

A Salesforce implementation for your business equips you with a one-stop solution for all of your sales, marketing, and customer service needs, and more! With Salesforce’s advanced AI-backed features, a Salesforce implementation could be a game-changer for your organization’s efficiency and productivity!


Q. What is agile methodology in Salesforce?

Agile methodology in Salesforce means that developers and administrators need to adopt a quick, flexible and transparent working style to keep up with the innovations in the CRM platform and maximize their ROI in CRM investment.


Q. How much does it cost to implement Salesforce?

Salesforce implementation cost depends on your requirements and the level of customizations and integration you want. This also varies due to the timeline of different projects. A free cost estimate can help you get a better idea of how much your project will cost you.


Q. Can Salesforce be implemented on your own?

Implementing any CRM solution is a complicated process. Trying to implement Salesforce on your own will leave your workflows disrupted and could even compromise the integrity of any existing data you might have.

It’s recommended that you contact Salesforce partners in order to implement Salesforce properly and without any setbacks.

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