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Best Salesforce Implementation Services by Rolustech

Leveraging on its extensive experience of CRM implementation, Rolustech possesses the complete skill set to deliver the perfect Salesforce Implementation Services for your business. We understand the common implementation challenges that emerge for any business and take a proactive approach to apprehend these in advance, thus helping you focus on your business activities. We help forward-thinking companies to drive the growth, retention, and efficiencies that ensure meaningful business outcomes for them. As a Certified Salesforce Partner firm, we can implement holistic solutions including various Salesforce integration services, customization as wells as Salesforce data migration to meet our customer’s important business goals utilizing leading cloud technologies.

A good CRM system should touch upon all the various processes involved in the customer lifecycle. As Certified Salesforce Consultants, we have complete command over the whole life cycle of Salesforce Implementation and can help you in improving your business productivity. We follow a strategic implementation process to ensure you are served with the best Salesforce solution.

Salesforce Products We Implement

Sales Cloud

Our team makes sure to offer more leads, close deals faster and speed up your sales productivity with the best CRM.

Nonprofit Cloud

We use a industry standard-data model with objects and capabilities to help manage your income streams, inbound grants, and programs in one place.

Marketing Cloud

Being Marketing cloud experts, we help manage and automate your digital campaigns and then analyze their outcomes.

Service Cloud

Our Salesforce service cloud solutions help your business by enhancing sales, improving service quality and ensuring growth.

Financial Services Cloud

We help create pre-built data models to put your business in a position to provide excellent services to your clients.

IoT Cloud

We integrate IoT cloud with your products and devices to gather large amounts of data on your customers and their habits.

Community Cloud

We make sure there is smooth communication among partners, employees and customers, this is the backend of building success.

Commerce Cloud

We offer smart and unified e-commerce experiences which works smoothly and seamlessly across all your platforms.

Stages of Salesforce Implementation Services

Gathering Business Requirements

In order to maximize the potential of your Salesforce Implementation, it is necessary to document your business requirements to scope down the functionalities, processes, and workflows that will be implemented on Salesforce. We at Rolustech take this process seriously and run a complete audit that identifies your business, its mission, products & services, KPIs, and more. We then move on to identify the limitations of your current technology to see how these can be rectified with a Salesforce Implementation.

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Salesforce Consulting

We then move on to providing Salesforce consultancy, where we establish a framework that will organize the Salesforce Implementation. This is where we analyze your business needs and processes, and will begin to migrate your data on Salesforce. We then make a plan for you to achieve your business goals with Salesforce functionality. The necessary customizations and integrations that will make the solution fully compliant with your requirements is discussed to then be implemented.

Customization and Configuration

You’ll require Salesforce Customization to truly use your system to its full potential. Rolustech has extensive expertise in Salesforce with a team of Certified Salesforce Developers. Whether it’s custom reports, dashboards, or components; our Salesforce Developers are up for the job. Our team tailors your solution in one of the two ways possible: the first is different in complexity, cost and the level of the platform’s modification. Here configuration implies modifying Salesforce default capabilities with point-and-click tools. The second way is a development process that allows deeper tailor of your platform with Apex code.

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In order to make sure your Salesforce works seamlessly with third-party systems you have to perform salesforce integrations such as ERP, ecommerce platforms, and document management systems. This helps ensure visibility of data flows across integrated applications.

Data Transfer from Old CRM

We make sure to smoothly migrate your data into the new Salesforce solution without any data loss or corruption. We guarantee your data will remain well-structured and ready to use as soon as it is migrated. This is because we thoroughly analyze and structure your data before the migration process

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User Training

Salesforce Training is a crucial step that plays a monumental role in making your Salesforce Implementation services successful. Once the implementation is complete, you want your employees to adopt it, but this is seldom easy to do. We at Rolustech provide Salesforce Training services that can help you bring your workforce onboard, and our gamification techniques and strategies can help you drive user adoption rates.


Once your Salesforce-based solution is created we get it tested by our QA engineers. After approval the solution is migrated to the UAT (user acceptance testing) environment where people from the customer’s company can try out the solution as per their satisfaction and see if it meets their requirements. After the solution is accepted by the customer, Rolustech’s experts launch the new Salesforce solution in the production environment.

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After-launch Support

Salesforce Implementation is a journey and to harvest the most out of your Salesforce CRM, you need to continuously revisit and improve the system. Perhaps in the beginning there might be certain processes that weren’t identified but are now a necessity, or maybe you implemented certain workflows that aren’t optimized for your business. Constant revisiting can help you refine your Salesforce Implementation and keep your productivity on an upward trajectory. Our continuous ongoing Salesforce Support Services make sure you hit the ground running with your Salesforce system, providing you with after-launch support services at the beginning of your Salesforce usage.

Custom Salesforce Solutions


Rolustech offers expert guidance to evaluate analytics requirements in your companies related industries and achieve those requirements through Salesforce Reporting, Dashboards, Tableau CRM, and other technologies.

Lightning Migration

Migrating from Classic to Lightning is not simple, you have to understand where your organization is on the path to Lightning readiness. We help you understand how you can align your business goals with the benefits you can expect from the new Lightning platform.


Salesforce gives organizations the tools for continuous innovation and growth. As Salesforce implementation partners, we help you adapt to new situations and then we help create operations that grow according to your business needs.

Marketing Automation

If the cards are played right then marketing automation helps businesses grow by automating marketing processes across marketing, sales, and services. We first understand your business needs and goals and then develop an action plan for success with marketing automation.


Our team thoroughly assess, consolidate and clean your data to make it ready for migrating and integrating. We use user adoption of the Salesforce Platform by building trust and increasing productivity.


We offer implementation and custom services in many clouds. From all Salesforce clouds including service, sales, community, financial, commerce to media, health and experience cloud. We have you covered.

Frequently Asked Question

Selecting a reliable Salesforce implementation partner is essential to ensure a successful implementation project. Experienced Salesforce implementation partners, such as Rolustech, bring valuable expertise and knowledge to the table. They can guide you with best practices, offer tailored solutions, and leverage their industry-specific insights to ensure a seamless Salesforce implementation for your business.

Salesforce implementation partners, such as Rolustech, provide a comprehensive range of services to support businesses in every phase of the implementation journey. These services encompass requirements gathering, system customization, seamless data migration, integration with third-party systems, user training and ongoing support, proactive maintenance, and system optimization.

Yes, Salesforce provides comprehensive implementation guides and documentation to assist businesses with the implementation process. These guides offer valuable insights into best practices, configuration steps, and recommended approaches. Additionally, working with a Salesforce implementation partner like Rolustech can offer the advantage of their practical experience and insights, complementing the official Salesforce guides.

When selecting a Salesforce implementation partner, consider factors such as their experience and expertise, industry knowledge, client references, project management approach, support and maintenance services, and overall compatibility with your business goals.

A7. Yes, a Salesforce implementation partner like Rolustech can assist with data migration from legacy systems to Salesforce. They have the expertise to extract, transform, and load data into Salesforce, ensuring data integrity and minimizing disruption to your business processes.

The duration of a Salesforce implementation can vary depending on the complexity of the project, customization requirements, data volume, and other factors. It is recommended to work with a Salesforce implementation partner like Rolustech to assess your specific needs and develop a realistic timeline for your implementation.

A Salesforce implementation typically involves several key steps, including requirement gathering and analysis, system design and customization, data migration, integration with other systems, user training, testing, and deployment. These steps are crucial to ensure a successful implementation that aligns with your business goals and requirements

Yes, Salesforce is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the platform to suit your specific business needs. During the implementation process, you can customize various aspects such as data fields, page layouts, workflows, reports, and dashboards. A Salesforce implementation partner like Rolustech can guide you through the customization process to ensure optimal configuration.

To ensure a successful Salesforce implementation, it is essential to define clear goals and requirements, engage stakeholders throughout the process, invest in user training, plan for data migration and integration, conduct thorough testing, and seek assistance from an experienced Salesforce implementation partner like Rolustech for guidance and support.