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Mobile Application Development

Get the most out of mobile technology with Mobile App Development. Our Mobile Application Development Experts have extensive experience in cross-platform apps, native apps, and Sugar SDK; and can help you reach your users on their favorite devices. Our innovative custom Mobile Apps are powered through an agile methodology that enables them to work seamlessly on all major platforms, including Android and iOS.

Mobile App Development is an intricate process and our mobile experts have extensive experience in all the major frameworks and architectures. We understand that each business is unique and will require a unique mobile app to achieve its benchmarks. Whether it’s an Android App or iOS or cross-platform, our mobile development experts have the tools and expertise at hand to help you bring your vision from the drawing board out onto the web.

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Our Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile consulting

Our consultants help with finalizing your app design and concept, give advice on platform/device compatibility, plan activities, and help you minimize your costs.

Mobile UX and UI design

We create mobile apps that have a design that make sure your business benefits from continuous conversion, higher engagement and easy adoption.

Mobile app development

We have completed more than 200+ projects in the past before, making sure the mobile apps created are fast, stable and high performing.

Back end development

Our back-end developers build robust and secure mobile back ends to ensure smooth and quickdata sync and transfer.

Web development

We are ready to complement your mobile app with a web app, web portal, online store or SaaS. Whatever you have in mind, we are here to help.

Mobile app integration

Our team has expertise in a wide range of APIs, ensuring seamless integration with any third-party software as well as with your backend.

Mobile app QA and testing

Our engineers perform functional, performance, security, UX, and accessibility testing.

Maintenance and support

Rolustech offers all levels of support, maintenance and guidance even after your project has been completed.

Mobile app modernization

Our developers turn websites into mobile apps and redesign architectures in a stellar way.

Our Expertise With Major Mobile App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

iPhone is synonymous with enhanced security, intuitive design, and excellent user experience. Our iOS app development team brings these features to the front during your iPhone App Development process. Leveraging all the popular iOS features, we create customized iOS apps that connect seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem and ensure creativity and innovation. Combining a user-friendly design with a feature-packed application, our iOS app development process positions your business for maximum growth and reward.

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Android App Development

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the market and our Android application development services help you create the perfect app to connect with Android users. Our Android developers prioritize every aspect of your mobile app to ensure you strike all the right notes when it comes to your mobile customer base. Experienced in Android programming language and Android development tools, we use our agile methodologies to create custom Android mobile apps that mirror your brand image and help you beat the competition. Our Android Apps can incorporate numerous Android features for more immersive user experiences.

Cross Platform App Development

Make the most of swift app development and easy implementation with custom Cross Platform Apps and increase your net of users. Our mobile development experts are proficient in React Native and other hybrid frameworks and can create tailor-made cross platform apps that are compatible with all devices. Cross platform mobile apps help you cut down on development costs, maintain consistency in UI and UX elements, increase audience reach, and improve your marketing efforts.


Sugar SDK - Mobile App Development

The Sugar SDK works as a playground for fully customized Sugar Mobile Apps that mirror your business needs and requirements. Mobile Apps built on Sugar SDK can connect with your Sugar platform and can contain numerous customized features, including custom actions, layouts, and themes. Our Mobile Application Development Team has complete command over Sugar SDK and has leveraged it to create innovative mobile applications for clients in a range of different industry verticals. Over the years, we have accomplished out-of-the-box functionality and features by using the Sugar SDK, including e-signature features, custom UI design, and business logic implementation.

Mobile Development Process

Business Analysis

Our business analysis session outlines your mobile app needs and requirements. Our Mobile Experts help you figure out exactly what you need out of your mobile app and then lay out a plan to achieve that.


UI/UX Design

Next, we share wireframes and prototypes that give you a visual representation of your mobile app. A complete UI mapping with dummy data is presented to show you how your mobile app will function.

Backend Development

Server Integration, API integration (Rest API), and Store submission make up the crux of this phase. Our mobile experts ensure that your mobile application development progresses seamlessly into the Play Store/App Store. Our backend development process is handled by our mobile development experts and they work tirelessly to help you hit the ground running with your mobile app.

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Support & Maintenance

We strive to make sure that your mobile app doesn’t run into any troubles or issues post-deployment with our Support and Maintenance services. Depending upon the scale of your mobile app development, we offer a range of different support options that ensure your mobile app keeps working like a charm.

Why Rolustech?

  • All point Mobile Application Services

    We have proven expertise in rendering end-to-end Mobile app development, from UX/UI Design till the very end to support and maintenance services.

  • Centre of Excellence

    We have a dedicated team of over 20+ certified professionals having comprehensive domain proficiencies.

  • Highly Skilled Design Team

    We have a team of expertise in both design and mobile app development holding expertise in all areas to help perform a successful implementation.

  • Industry Expertise

    Expansive expertise in driving digital transition through Mobile app development services across multiple industries.

  • Keep Your Work Consistent

    Our team works to make sure we create design visual identity and brand assets for multiple channels.


Q. Which Mobile App is better, iOS or Android?

Both iOS and Android have huge markets with billions of users. Which customer segment to target depends upon your business and its target audience. We would recommend our Cross-Platform App Development if you’re looking to create a mobile app for both.

Q. I need a Mobile App for my SugarCRM?

Our Mobile Application Development Experts have complete command over the Sugar SDK and can help you design and customize the mobile app you need. We’ve created bespoke Sugar Mobile Apps on top of the Sugar SDK for a range of different clients.

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