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The great thing is our expertise is not just limited to a few customization or integrations. With a decade of experience in the CRM industry and successful execution of more than 700 projects for our clients worldwide, Rolustech has the ability to comprehend all sorts of problems and devise the best possible SugarCRM Integrations. This also includes designing a custom integration from scratch to address your needs. Our team of SugarCRM project managers, developers, technical architects, software engineers, and consultants leverage the Sugar platform to rapidly deliver flexible, scalable applications.

Our customers are our top priority and we strive to cater to their needs in order to forge long term relationships with our clients. If you have additional licensing questions regarding any version/edition of SugarCRM or are simply looking for a SugarCRM Migration, feel free to contact our SugarCRM experts and we would be delighted to assist you with your queries. With a full range of SugarCRM integration services, Rolustech’s distinct style of passion, thoughtfulness and delivery excellence produces a roadmap that guarantees results and success.

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Licenses We Offer

Sugar Market License

Sugar Serve License

Sugar Sell License

Sugar Enterprise License

SugarCRM Pricing

SugarCRM Market

Target Audience: For Marketing Mavericks

Price: Starting at $1,000 Per Month for 10K Contacts -Billed Annually

Features: Email marketing tools, AI-driven predictive analytics, Social media management capabilities, Native CRM integration

SugarCRM Sell

SugarCRM Sell

Target Audience: For Modern Sales Warriors

Price: Starting at $49 Per User Per Month -Billed Annually

Users: 3 user’s minimum

  • Sell Premier – $135 per month (10 users minimum)
  • Sell Advanced – $80 per month (3 users minimum)
  • Sell Essentials -$49 per month (3 users minimum, 5 users maximum)

SugarCRM Serve

Target Audience: For Service Heroes

Price: Starting at $80 Per User Per Month-Billed Annually

Users: 3 user’s minimum

Features: Omnichannel communications, AI-powered sentiment analysis, Self-service portal and knowledge base, Automatic case routing

SugarCRM Serve

SugarCRM Enterprise

Target Audience: For Organizations That Need On-Premise Control

Price: Starting at $85 Per User Per Month-Billed Annually

Users: 3 user’s minimum

We Are The Authorized One-Stop Shop For All SugarCRM Licenses

Rolustech is a certified SugarCRM partner with one of the largest technical teams providing SugarCRM development, customization, support, training, and maintenance services. With over a decade of experience in the CRM industry, we have gained a good reputation within the Sugar community due to our technical proficiency after having successfully implemented more than 700 custom CRM projects for our clients worldwide from different industry verticals. We offer licenses for all SugarCRM versions and editions at the official price with SugarCRM customization, maintenance, and support. You can get in touch with our experts and we’ll help you choose the perfect SugarCRM edition with its official license.

One-Stop Shop for SugarCRM Licenses

Why Rolustech?

  • All point SugarCRM Services

    We have proven expertise in rendering end-to-end SugarCRM services including Customization, Implementation, Integration, Maintenance, and Support.

  • Centre of Excellence

    We have a dedicated team of over 50+ certified professionals having comprehensive domain proficiencies.

  • SugarCRM Partners

    We are a consulting partner with competencies offering a broad array of services.

  • Industry Expertise

    Expansive expertise in driving digital transition through SugarCRM services across industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, gym, and law and many more.

  • Extensive Service Portfolio

    Comprehensive SugarCRM consulting services and product customization portfolio spanned across multiple SugarCRM plugins, custom field solutions, and SugarCRM Licensing.

  • Quality Assured

    Agile and proven delivery methodology with in-built quality checks.


Q1. Can I purchase additional licenses for SugarCRM as my user base grows?

Yes, you can purchase additional licenses for SugarCRM as your user base expands. SugarCRM offers scalability options to accommodate the changing needs of your business. You can contact SugarCRM or a certified partner to discuss your requirements and obtain additional licenses.


Q2. What are the support options available for SugarCRM licenses?

SugarCRM offers various support options, including online documentation, community forums, and technical support from their team. Additionally, you can explore premium support packages that provide additional assistance and faster response times. The availability of support options may vary based on the specific license edition.


Q3. Are there any limitations on the number of records or data storage with a SugarCRM license?

SugarCRM licenses typically have limits on the number of records or data storage capacity, depending on the edition and pricing plan. It is important to review the specific license details and consult with SugarCRM or a certified partner to understand the data limits and any available options for additional storage.


Q4. Can I transfer my SugarCRM license to another edition?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your SugarCRM license to a different edition. Transferring your license to a higher or lower edition may involve adjusting the pricing and features accordingly. It is recommended to contact SugarCRM or a certified partner to discuss the transfer process and any requirements or fees involved.


Q5. What are the SugarCRM licensing costs for various editions?

The licensing costs for SugarCRM editions vary based on the pricing plan. The Sugar Professional Edition costs $40 per user per month, the Sugar Enterprise Edition costs $65 per user per month, and the Sugar Ultimate Edition costs $150 per user per month. These prices may vary based on specific promotions or discounts.


Q6. Are there any other costs involved besides the aforementioned SugarCRM licensing costs?

SugarCRM pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden fees or forced upgrades. However, it’s important to consider additional costs such as implementation services, customization, data migration, training, and ongoing support, which may vary depending on your specific requirements and engagement with a partner like Rolustech.


Q7. Is Sugar Hint available for my SugarCRM edition?

Sugar Hint, a sales intelligence tool, is available for all SugarCRM editions. It requires Sugar 7.8 and above and can be purchased at an additional cost of $15 per user per month. Each user with a SugarCRM license will need a separate Hint license.


Q8. What is the SugarCRM Community Edition?

The SugarCRM Community Edition (CE) was the free, open-source version of SugarCRM. It was available alongside paid editions until version 6.5. However, in mid-2017, SugarCRM announced that Sugar 6.5 had reached its end-of-life and would no longer be supported. The Community Edition downloads are no longer available, but Rolustech can provide future development, maintenance, and support for your existing CE instance.


Q9. What does the Sugar CE End of Life (EOL) mean for me?

End of Life for SugarCRM Community Edition means that SugarCRM has ceased the development and maintenance of the CE version. While the system itself will not be disabled, there won’t be any new bug fixes, security updates, or patches from SugarCRM. However, as an open-source solution, Rolustech can still provide services for future development, maintenance, and support for your CE instance.


Q10. Do I need to change my license with any upgrade/change in the Sugar version?

Yes, if you plan to upgrade your SugarCRM edition or change the deployment method (on-demand to on-site or vice versa), you will need to change your license accordingly. Upgrading to a higher edition or changing deployment options may involve adjusting the pricing and features associated with your license.


Q11. How do I maximize the ROI on my SugarCRM License?

To maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your SugarCRM license, start by selecting the most suitable license for your business needs. Avoid overpaying for unnecessary features or limitations that may hinder your CRM usage. Additionally, ensure effective user adoption and utilization of SugarCRM within your organization to harness its full potential for improving productivity and customer relationships.


Q12. Is SugarCRM expensive?

SugarCRM pricing varies based on the edition and features selected. While the term “expensive” is subjective, SugarCRM licenses are generally more affordable compared to other CRM solutions like Salesforce, while offering similar functionality. It’s important to evaluate the cost in relation to the value and benefits it brings to your business.

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