SugarCRM Certified Developers

Our Certified SugarCRM Developers posses an in-depth knowledge of the SugarCRM ecosystem and have leveraged their hands on experience to build bespoke Sugar solutions for a range of different clients.

Our Team

Rolustech has come a long way in delivering seamless customer experience to its clients.

Our strategic vision has seen us grow to a strong team of 150+ resources specializing exclusively in SugarCRM with more than 62 certified SugarCRM experts. Our team comprising of SugarCRM Project Managers, Certified Developers, Technical Architects, and business analysts has achieved phenomenal success in implementing Sugar in hosted, on-premise and private cloud environments

Industry Recognition

With a global presence across three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia, we have successfully delivered more than 600 custom CRM projects to our clientele across the globe.

These projects comprise of various SugarCRM integrations and SugarCRM customizations as well as SugarCRM data migration from other CRM platforms to SugarCRM. Our high level of competence and expertise in SugarCRM has helped us gain widespread recognition and respect in the Sugar community. To date, we have worked with clients ranging from various industry verticals and created industry solutions for the following sectors:

ISO 27001 Certified

Being ISO 27001 certified, our team takes special care when it comes to data security and non-disclosure. ISO 27001 (ISMS) is awarded to organizations that systematically manage the client’s’ sensitive data. Our goal is to potentially eliminate the risk of security breach and ensure business continuity for our global clientele

Engagement Models of our Certified Team

We provide adaptive engagement models for our clients depending on the nature of the projects. These include:

  • Fixed Price Model: A fixed price is quoted for a project based on detailed requirement specifications.
  • Dedicated Resources: If you need certified, experienced, and dedicated resources to work on your project full time, we can help you out.
  • Hybrid Arrangement: We are flexible to accommodate our clients’ special needs and provide a hybrid engagement
  • On-site Engagement: We also provide on-site SugarCRM Project Managers and Developers in the UK, EU, and the USA

We assign experienced Project Managers as a single point of contact to lead projects and ensure high quality timely deliveries

We help you succeed in an ever changing business environment

Owing to its extensive experience in CRM implementation, Rolustech possesses the complete skill set to deliver an optimal Sugar solution for your business. We realize that introducing a CRM solution is a big leap forward. You want to ensure that you get the desired ROI from the CRM software. From the initial consultation sessions to the final implementation and deployment, we will fully assist you at every stage.

Q1. What does it mean to be a certified SugarCRM Developer specialist?

Becoming a certified SugarCRM Developer specialist demonstrates that an individual has the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to use common SugarCRM development tools and approaches to meet fundamental business requirements.


Q2. Why choose our SugarCRM developers?

Our SugarCRM developers have complete command over the Sugar framework and the SOAP/REST APIs, as is apparent from the myriad of successful custom implementations they have under their belt. We develop state-of-the-art, best-of-breed web applications using the latest front-end and back-end technologies. Our team has developed several custom SugarCRM products, plugins, and mobile apps. We have dedicated teams focusing on Mobile Application Development specifically for iPhone and Android.


Q3. What SugarCRM development services does Rolustech provide?

Rolustech offers a comprehensive range of SugarCRM development services, including customization, integration, plugin development, support, data migration to SugarCRM, and complete SugarCRM support and maintenance.


Q4. When would the need arise for the services of SugarCRM-certified developers?

The need for SugarCRM-certified developers can arise in various scenarios, such as the initial implementation, SugarCRM customization or integration requirements, ongoing support, and maintenance activities.


Q5. Can I hire a dedicated SugarCRM developer for my extensive project?

Yes, you can hire a dedicated resource from Rolustech’s pool of SugarCRM certified developers who will exclusively work on your project until its completion.


Q6. What are the advantages of hiring certified SugarCRM developers?

Hiring certified SugarCRM developers ensures that you have skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of SugarCRM development best practices. They can efficiently handle your customization, SugarCRM integration, and support needs, resulting in a seamless and successful implementation of SugarCRM for your business.


Q7. Where can I find Rolustech’s SugarCRM development services?

You can find Rolustech’s SugarCRM development services on our official website or by contacting us directly. We are a trusted and experienced SugarCRM development company known for delivering high-quality solutions and exceptional customer satisfaction.


Q8. How can SugarCRM development services benefit my business?

SugarCRM development services can provide numerous benefits to your business, including tailored customizations that align with your specific requirements, seamless integration with other systems, improved data management and analysis, enhanced user experience, and ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your SugarCRM implementation.


Q9. Are SugarCRM developers familiar with mobile application development?

Yes, our SugarCRM developers have expertise in mobile application development for both iPhone and Android platforms. They can create customized mobile apps that integrate with your SugarCRM system, providing mobile access to crucial business information and functionalities.


Q10. Can SugarCRM developers assist with data migration to SugarCRM?

Absolutely. Our SugarCRM developers have extensive experience in data migration to SugarCRM. They can help you migrate your existing data from other systems or platforms to SugarCRM, ensuring a smooth and accurate transition of your valuable business information.


Q11. What makes Rolustech’s SugarCRM development services stand out?

Rolustech is a trusted and reputable SugarCRM development company with a proven track record of successful implementations and satisfied clients. Our team of certified SugarCRM developers possesses deep expertise in the platform and follows industry best practices to deliver tailored solutions that meet your business needs effectively. We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive support throughout the development process and other SugarCRM services.


Q12. Are SugarCRM plugins and customizations scalable?

Yes, SugarCRM plugins and customizations are highly scalable. Our SugarCRM developers can create solutions that can accommodate your business growth and evolving requirements.

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