One of the most difficult things about being a law practicing professional is the hefty load of daily paperwork that needs to be churned out and read through everyday. Managing client histories that stretch back years or organizing law principles in large stacks can be a daunting task on its own without the hassle of managing all those clients and their case details. Thankfully for you, Rolustech has come up with the perfect solution to streamline and organize your outside-the-courtroom law troubles with its very own Law CRM.

Keep track of your employees, staff, clients and more with this amazing product. Start off with:

Employee Management/Staff Module

For law firms seeking the best CRM software, our CRM for law firms provides an efficient solution to keep track of all employees, including lawyers, consultants, and paralegals. With this CRM, employees have the ability to track time spent on a client, enabling efficient billing. The CRM also provides a comprehensive overview of employee appointments and the cases they are handling. This module comes with all the necessary features to streamline operations and enhance productivity for law firms of all sizes.


  • Time Tracking
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Case Management
  • Case Progress Report
employee managemen staff module

Clients Module

Use a Customized Module to analyze/interpret the state of your clients and their progress with respect to their cases. See the case report, case progress, and client billing information in the Clients Module.

  • Client profile
  • Assigned lawyer
  • Personal documents
  • Client history
  • Case Reports

Leads Module

Find all your leads information in one place. Never miss a lead or important related information with the implementation of custom intake forms on your website to be fully prepared for the initial engagement.

  • Custom Intake form
  • Document uploading
  • Leads Information

Projects Module

The project module is your organization’s personal knowledge database. Find all the cases your organization has ever handled here. Get a quick 360 view of all the cases your firm is managing and stay on top of everything. This module can also be used as a research tool to help with pending cases.

  • Type of case
  • Assigned staff
  • Case priority
  • Billing Status
  • Case Significance
projects module

Billing Management

Create custom billing plans and easily link with clients according to their agreements. Manage the payments easily by automatically sending branded invoices according to the billing plans.

billing management

Document Management

An efficient document management system to stay organized and get the right information at the right time. Link documents with clients available on the go. You can have any other document management system that you feel better fits your organizational needs integrated with Salesforce!

Document Templates and E-Signature

Build and provide various types of new & reusable templates to clients that can be signed digitally with in seconds. No more downloading, printing, or scanning.

Reporting and Analytics

Stay on top of your practice by having a bird’s eye view of your leads, clients, staff and the services you provide. Identify the types of services, staff members, and referral sources that convert best.

reporting and analytics

Productivity Tools

Take full advantage of a dedicated reports module with advanced reporting functionality to find the insights you need and optimize business performance. The reports section can, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Calendar Management
  • Tasks & Activities
  • Custom Dashboards

Customize the productivity of this CRM to cater to your specific needs by reaching out to for a FREE Business Analysis. Our Certified Developers will help you find the perfect fit for your needs in no time.