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Hire Dedicated Salesforce Developers

Rolustech, as a Certified Salesforce Partner and Consultant, embodies an unwavering commitment to deliver excellent customer experience to its clients. In order to stand true to its word, Rolustech utilizes a distinguished team of more than 120 resources. These Salesforce Developers are skilled in Salesforce Implementation and Administration. Collectively, they have rendered their services to numerous projects and achieved remarkable success.

Rolustech is an industry-recognized firm with a global presence and more than 700 custom CRM projects completed. Our team of SFDC Developers has carried out various Salesforce Customizations and Integrations to the satisfaction of our clients, resulting in recognition and success across the globe. Our commitment to excellent customer experience has helped Rolustech make a name for itself in the Salesforce community, with satisfied clients from numerous industry verticals as a testament to our competence.

Data Protection

Integrity is one of the most fundamental values of a successful business relationship and demonstrates professionalism, which is what Rolustech strives for with its commitment to General Data Protection Regulations. Rolustech is ISO 27001 Certified, a distinction awarded to organizations that systematically manage clients’ sensitive data. Our goal is to potentially eliminate the risk of a security breach and ensure business continuity for our global clientele.

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Secure Data Handling And Migration

We ensure that your migration from legacy systems is seamless and coherent with the scope and scale of your business. With ample understanding of Data Handling and Salesforce Data Migration, our Salesforce Developers verify data from both ends of the system and reduce redundancies, inaccuracies and exposure to risk. We use the most effective Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools to make the migration of data easy and safe. Our vast experience as Salesforce Consultants gives us the necessary tools and expertise to see your business needs through to the end. 

Customization And Integration

Every business has distinct needs and a Salesforce platform right off the shelf cannot conform to the exact desired outcomes of each business. Our Salesforce Developers are aware of that and use their extensive knowledge to create unique Salesforce Customizations that fit your business requirements. Aligning with the size, processes, and operations of your business is integral to creating sustainable solutions, and Rolustech, with its profound customer experience and in-depth industry knowledge, rises to the occasion.

Salesforce Integration with other business applications is important to manage all customers and prospects in real time. Our SFDC Developers will seamlessly integrate the optimal solution with your Salesforce and map the application to your specific business practices.

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Adaptive Pricing Models

We assign seasoned Project Managers from our team of Certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers to manage projects and ensure productive engagements. Moreover, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. To facilitate clients from various line of businesses, we use the following engagement models:

  • Fixed Price Model: A fixed price is quoted for a project based on detailed requirement specifications.
  • Dedicated Resources: If you need certified and experienced dedicated resources to work on your project full time, we can help you out.
  • Hybrid Arrangement: We are flexible to accommodate our clients’ special needs and provide a hybrid engagement model that comprises of deployment and Salesforce Training.

We Help Your Business Stand The Test Of Time

Rolustech, with the help of its dedicated Salesforce Developers team, possesses all the necessary tools to create a state-of-the-art solution for your business needs. We work with our clients beyond the completion of projects to ensure smooth and long term success of their CRM implementation. With more than 10 years of experience as a Certified Salesforce Partner and Consultant, our commitment to excellent customer experience stands the test of time, and so will your business.

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Frequently Asked Question

The cost of hiring a Salesforce developer can vary depending on their level of experience, location, and the scope of the project. It is best to discuss the requirements of your project with a Salesforce development company to receive an accurate estimate.
Salesforce developers should have a strong understanding of Salesforce architecture, Apex programming language, and Visualforce. They should also have experience in developing and designing custom applications, as well as integrating Salesforce with other third-party applications.
Yes, many Salesforce development companies offer remote development services, and their developers can work from anywhere in the world. This provides businesses with greater flexibility when it comes to hiring a development team.
Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform that can help businesses manage their customer relationships more efficiently. Some of the benefits of using Salesforce include increased productivity, improved collaboration, better data management, and enhanced customer experience.
The time it takes to develop a custom Salesforce application can vary depending on the complexity of the project. It is best to discuss the requirements of your project with a Salesforce development company to receive an estimated timeline for the development process.