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We, at Rolustech, believe that your CRM should mold to your business needs instead of the other way around. To ensure that is the case, our Certified Team helps you add custom fields to your Sugar to ensure all your business processes and requirements are achieved.


We Create SugarCRM Custom Fields To Make Sugar A Perfect Fit For Your Business

Custom fields are commonly used in SugarCRM to make the most out of custom data. If you want to create custom fields in SugarCRM and cannot decide on which of the multitude of options to choose from, then you’re at the right place. Rolustech is a full-service SugarCRM Partner firm with one of the largest teams of Certified Sugar Experts in the world who specialize in SugarCRM Customization, Implementation, Integration, Migration and Support services.

Custom fields in SugarCRM enable you to keep a record of the required data in forms as well as the central repository. Moreover, if you need to save extra information about customers, you can create custom fields in the drop-down menu too. We can create all kinds of SugarCRM custom fields as a result of our extensive experience and command over the Sugar platform.

Get in touch with your requirements and we will build the custom fields you need!

Why choose Rolustech?

Our expertise is not just limited to a few customizations. A decade of experience in the CRM industry and successful execution of over 900 projects for our clients worldwide has given Rolustech the ability to comprehend all sorts of problems and devise the best possible solutions, be it a simple implementation or designing a custom SugarCRM integration from scratch to address your needs.

Our team of certified SugarCRM developers, project managers, technical architects, software engineers, and consultants leverage the Sugar platform to rapidly deliver innovative and scalable applications.

With a full range of SugarCRM customization and integration services, Rolustech’s distinct style of passion, thoughtfulness and delivery excellence produces a road map that guarantees results and success.

Q. What are different SugarCRM custom field types?

Over the years we have customized a myriad of SugarCRM fields for our clients. A few of the many endless possibilities in SugarCRM field customization include Phone Field Customization, Custom Email Fields, Auto Population by postal code.


Q. Is it possible to set up SugarCRM custom field validation?

Yes, it is possible to add field validation to the SugarCRM Record View. Moreover, you also have the option of displaying multiple error messages at a time.


Q. How can custom fields in SugarCRM be created manually?

There are several ways to conveniently create custom fields in SugarCRM. You can use Sugar Studio to create basic custom SugarCRM fields without writing a single line of code or get in touch with a SugarCRM certified partner organization such as Rolustech for advanced customizations that are tailored to your unique needs.


Q. What is Sugar Studio?

Sugar Studio is a tool within SugarCRM that allows users to add basic customization to fields and also change the look and feel of the modules.


Q. How do I access Sugar Studio?

Sugar Studio is located on the Administration home page. It is only accessible to users with Administrator privileges.


Q. What is the purpose of having custom SugarCRM fields?

An off-the-shelf version of Sugar would only have a handful of modules with default fields, which include the Marketing, Sales and Support modules. However, in its default form, Sugar may not prove to be very useful for most businesses since each business has its own unique processes and entities. Consequently, it is common practice to add custom fields and modules and also delete current fields and modules that are not necessarily relevant to the business getting the CRM implemented.


Q. Can relationships be added to Custom SugarCRM Fields in order to auto-update the values of one field by changing the values of another?

Yes, it certainly is possible to allow the values of one field to be changed by changing the values of another. This can be done through SugarCRM Customization.


Q. How do I remove any unwanted Custom Fields in SugarCRM?

In the case that you do not have any knowledge of coding, you can use Sugar Studio to delete any custom field that you find to be unwanted. Furthermore, you can also contact Sugar experts such as Rolustech who can do the task for you through code.


Q. Which custom fields would be best suited to recording biodata of clients?

Custom fields for national identification no., date of birth, citizenship and marital status could be some of the options used to record the biodata of the customers of a business. Other options would also include ethnicity, height, gender, as well as no. of siblings or no. of offsprings. Get in touch with us to know more or to get custom fields added to your Sugar.

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