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CRM Services

During the last decade we have helped numerous businesses from diverse industries in their quest to succeed in Customer Relationship Management. We understand the needs of your modern business and provide you with an optimal CRM solution with the help of meticulous Business Analysis and diligent Design & Implementation.

We have expertise in several CRM platforms ranging from Free and Open Source CRMs to the world’s most powerful Enterprise CRM systems.


Sugar is by far the most adaptable CRM solution for businesses ranging from small scale set ups to large enterprises. We customize Sugar to mirror your business processes and help you get a tailored fit Sugar for your business.

See how we can customize Sugar for your business


The world’s leading and most powerful CRM platform provides multiple Cloud based solutions for businesses in every industry. Each Salesforce Cloud caters to the needs of a specific industry and the challenges it confronts. At Rolustech we help businesses choose the right Salesforce Cloud and modify it to meet their unique business needs.

See how our certified experts can help you with Salesforce.


X2CRM is a Free and Open-source CRM platform for small businesses with integrated Marketing, Sales and Support functions. X2CRM provides an intuitive user interface with powerful workflow automations to let you stay on top of your business.

See how we tailor X2CRM to suit your small business

Web Development

In this digitized era of hyper competition, first experiences count the most. We have a results-driven team of professionals providing web design and development services. Our team has extensive experience of creating extraordinary experience for your clients, giving off a true reflection of your brand identity.  

We are adept at creating visually pleasing and engaging online experience to help your brand stand out from the rest while providing the functionality which supports your online presence and integrates seamlessly with your backend CRM systems to build everlasting relations with your clients.

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Mobile Applications

Mass adoption of mobile devices has changed the business landscape. The demand for information which is “real-time” has skyrocketed among customers. Smart business are moving to provide mobile first experience to their customers at an incredible pace by equipping their marketing, sales and customer support teams with a mobile CRM.

Our dedicated Mobile Development team has vast experience of developing mobile solutions in the form of bespoke Android and iOS apps for business process management including native and responsive apps integrated with the CRM.

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