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The eCommerce landscape continues to shift as organizations look for custom online stores that provide the best customer experience. Magento with its creative web design, responsive theme set, and modern architecture, is the industry standard for eCommerce websites. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the requirements of an online store. It is extremely fast, mobile/SEO friendly, and can host multiple websites.

With the best in class Magento Website Development Services, Rolustech has designed spellbinding eCommerce websites that have helped businesses achieve their goals and stand out from their competition in spectacular fashion. Our expertise in the Magento platform and proven design & development strategies ensure minimal development time and guaranteed industry-leading solutions.

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Cutting Edge Magento Services

Magento Web Development

It is important to have a highly customized B2B and B2C ecommerce store, that’s where we will help. Our Magento developers can explore the potential of open source Magento to offer 3rd party integrations, multi-vendor implementation and migration services.

Magento Theme Development

If you are looking for a white labeled Magento theme for your website then Rolustech can help create a customized one for you. Our team can deliver a functional, manageable and fully customized Magento theme using PSDs AI, JPG, PNG, and SKETCH.

Magento Extension Development

Your organization may need a custom Magento extension to facilitate your SAAS service, we can help you build one. You do not have to worry about any bugs or viruses, you work will be completed as per the Magento standards using extensions approved by the Magento marketplace.

Customized Module Development

Custom module development makes your e-commerce website more attractive, prospering and a way to stand out from your competitors. Customization of modules include different Magento services all at cost-effective rates.

Customized Website Design

Having an attractive and beautiful interface design of your website is very important. Our team makes sure to create exactly that, this makes sure your website becomes highly responsive and keeps all visitors engaged.

Payment Gateway Integration

The Magento platform supports multiple currencies, so we make sure that your payment gateway integration is optimized fully as per the requirements.

Magento Website Development Process

Magento Discovery

The first step in Magento web development is for us to learn your business, understand your needs, and identify opportunities. In the discovery phase, our certified Magento Developers will audit your current Magento eCommerce implementation or any other (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc) and understand your business, workflows, processes, and requirements. This will give us an idea of where you currently stand and where you want to go. Based on this, we will craft a strategy to provide you a Magento eCommerce website that can help you take your business to the next level.

Salesforce Implementation

Magento Blueprint & Project Kickoff

After carefully analyzing your needs, our team will draft a blueprint for your Magento web development with proper deadlines, milestones and scrum sessions to keep you up to date on the progress of your Magento eCommerce development. Here we incorporate customer personas to optimize your website design for your target audience. Wireframes for your Magento store will also be shared during this stage to help you visualize the finished solution and to suggest changes as desired.

Magento Website Design & User Interface

Establishing a Magento eCommerce store that mirrors your business is one of our primary objectives. Your Magento website should have the color, feel, and tone of your business branding for a more immersive user experience. With Magento Customization, our Magento experts will craft a website design as per your requirements and incorporate UI design elements to ensure simplicity for optimal user navigation. A brilliant design combined with a streamlined UI will help you increase user retention on your eCommerce store.

Salesforce Support

Magento Website Development

After finalizing on the design, UI, and UX elements for your eCommerce store, our team of Magento experts will get down to creating your Magento Website. This process involves:

  • Custom templates
  • Hosting Configuration
  • SEO Optimized Coding (HTML/JS/Flash)
  • Speed Optimization
  • Custom Functionality Integration
  • Cross browser optimization
  • Rigorous Testing

Magento Website Integration

Once your Magento eCommerce solution is complete and ready to go, our Magento Developers begin the next phase of integrating your present software with your new Magento powered eCommerce solution. In order to maximize your business potential, you need to integrate your new online store with a number of third-party platforms for more functionality. Once you move to Magento, you also need to ensure that all the third-party software that you were previously using is optimized to work with your Magento eCommerce store. Our Magento development experts have the technical expertise to integrate a CRM with your Magento store as well. Leveraging the open source architecture, we will ensure a seamless integration with your new website.


Magento Launch & Management

Final testing and QA is the primary objective at this stage. Once you’re satisfied with the performance, web design, and development, we will set your Magento eCommerce store for launch. Our Magento developers will support to help you adopt the new platform in a seamless manner, and our immersive training sessions will ensure that you manage to run the store effectively on your own.

Work with Rolustech

We at Rolustech have complete command over the Magento platform and our Magento Development Team is technically proficient in eCommerce best practices and strategies. Get in touch for a FREE Business Analysis to get your own tailor made Magento solution that will help you get the most out of your online store in this competitive eCommerce landscape. Use captivating web designs, responsive web layouts, and SEO optimized architecture to take your business to the pinnacle of success.

Why Rolustech?

  • All point Magento Services

    We have proven expertise in rendering end-to-end Magento services including Customization, Integration, Website development and e-commerce development.

  • Industry Expertise

    Expansive expertise in driving digital transition through Magento services across industries.

  • Centre of Excellence

    We have a dedicated team of over 20+ certified professionals having comprehensive domain proficiencies.

  • Highly Skilled Magento Team

    We have a Magento team with expertise in all areas to help perform a successful implementation.

  • Extensive Service Portfolio

    Comprehensive Magento support and maintenance services and process of website development.


Q1. How can Magento website development benefit my business?

Magento website development offers numerous benefits such as a robust and scalable platform, customizable designs, extensive feature options, advanced SEO capabilities, and seamless third-party integrations. As an experienced Magento website development company, Rolustech can help you leverage these advantages to create high-performing and tailored eCommerce websites that drive online success. Our team of experts specializes in integration, migration, development, and other services related to Magento.


Q2. What is the cost of Magento website development?

The cost of Magento website development can vary based on factors such as project complexity, desired features, customization requirements, and the expertise of the development company. Rolustech, a leading Magento website development company, offers competitive pricing options tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team can provide you with a customized cost estimate and guide you through the entire development process.


Q3. How long does it take to develop a Magento website?

The timeline for developing a Magento website varies based on factors like project complexity, design customization, data migration, and integration requirements. On average, the development process can take several weeks to a few months. A reliable Magento website development company can provide you with a more accurate timeframe based on your project specifications.


Q4. Can I migrate my existing website to Magento?

Yes, Magento provides migration services to transfer data and content from other platforms to Magento. Experienced Magento development companies can assist in seamless website migration, ensuring the preservation of data, URLs, SEO rankings, and customer information during the transition.


Q5. How can I ensure the security of my Magento website?

Ensuring the security of your Magento website is crucial for protecting sensitive customer information and maintaining the trust of your users. Implementing security best practices, such as using SSL certificates, applying security patches and updates, using strong passwords, and regularly monitoring for vulnerabilities, can help safeguard your Magento website against potential threats.


Q6. Can Magento websites handle high traffic and large product catalogs?

Magento is designed to handle high traffic and large product catalogs efficiently. With its scalable architecture, caching mechanisms, and optimization options, Magento can handle substantial online traffic and effectively manage extensive product listings. Proper server configuration and performance optimizations further enhance the website’s capability to handle increased user demands.


Q7. What are the key features of Magento for website development?

Magento offers a wide range of features for website development, including customizable themes and designs, robust catalog management, advanced search and filtering options, multi-store capabilities, mobile responsiveness, flexible payment and shipping integrations, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. As an experienced Magento development company, Rolustech can help you leverage these features to create a powerful and user-friendly eCommerce website tailored to your business needs.


Q8. Do I need technical expertise to manage a Magento website?

While basic technical knowledge can be helpful, Magento provides an intuitive admin panel and user-friendly interface that allows non-technical users to manage and operate their Magento website efficiently. However, for advanced customization and optimal utilization of Magento’s capabilities, working with a Magento development company or having technical expertise is recommended.


Q9. Can I integrate third-party applications and services with Magento?

Yes, Magento supports seamless integration with various third-party applications and services. You can integrate popular services such as payment gateways, shipping providers, CRM systems, email marketing tools, and analytics platforms to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your Magento website.


Q10. Is ongoing support and maintenance required for Magento websites?

Absolutely. Regular support and maintenance are crucial for the smooth functioning and security of Magento websites. At Rolustech, an experienced Magento development company, we offer comprehensive support services to ensure your Magento website remains up-to-date and secure. From timely updates to resolving any issues that may arise, we provide the necessary expertise to keep your Magento-powered online store running smoothly. Trust in Rolustech for reliable support and maintenance that keeps your Magento website optimized and protected.

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