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Setting up a Magento eCommerce store that is optimized for speed, performance, and design is only half of the job. The other half is to run and manage it in a manner that improves customer relationships and attracts customer loyalty. Integrating Magento with a CRM gives you a 360-degree view of your customers and helps you personalize their experience with your eCommerce store, re-target sections of your customers, and leverage analytics to identify trends and pain points.


Benefits of CRM + Magento

Combining your CRM with your Magento website offers amazing benefits for your online store. With CRM, you can store eCommerce metrics, customer behavior, purchase history, and other customer data for a meaningful analysis. Through a CRM platform, you can track and record each action a customer takes on your eCommerce store and maintain individual profiles for customers. This consolidation of data presents opportunities for:

  • A more personalized customer experience on your Magento store
  • Consolidated Customer Database
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Market Intelligence
  • Optimization of Lead Generation, Sales, and Marketing

Magento Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms in the world and offers a multitude of options when it comes to leveraging customer data to identify insights and trends. Your eCommerce store can benefit a great deal from integration with Salesforce Cloud, especially its Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you organize the customer data stored in Magento into detailed customer profiles that can be used by your sales team to cross-sell, upsell and retarget customers. The Salesforce Sales Cloud maintains these profiles, updating them whenever a customer makes a purchase. These comprehensive profiles can be analyzed with custom reports based on any desired metrics.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you consolidate your Marketing efforts inside the CRM. Whether it’s email campaigns, social media engagement, or advertisement strategies, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a robust platform that helps you do all. Easily create visually appealing emails from templates and track their performance as part of your email campaign. Track social media performance for your eCommerce brand and create engaging content to keep the conversation going. Time your advertisements properly with a dedicated Advertising studio that handles all your spending from one consolidated platform.

The Salesforce Service Cloud brings automation to center stage. Use the Artificial Intelligence powered Service Cloud and handle customers while you’re away with chatbots. Find all the customer information right in front of you during an inbound or outbound call. Combine your social media platforms and route all customer queries directly to the support team.

Magento Integration with SugarCRM

Magento and SugarCRM are similar in the sense that they are both open-source platforms. This presents a rare opportunity where the sky is literally the limit in terms of what you can do with this integration. Instead of using a number of different third-party platforms to extend the functionality of your Magento eCommerce store, simply integrate it with SugarCRM and have it customized exactly to your requirements by a Certified SugarCRM Partner, like ourselves.

SugarCRM Integration with Magento streamlines a number of your business processes i.e. order processing, inventory synchronization, and customer issue management.

Understanding and knowing your customers is the pillar that keeps your eCommerce store afloat and integrating a CRM solution with your Magento fortifies this pillar for maximum support. Consolidate all your business processes inside the CRM and analyze your customer behavior at a granular level with a Magento CRM Integration.

Work with Rolustech

Rolustech is an Official SugarCRM and Salesforce Partner firm with extensive experience in the Magento platform. Our experience has helped us understand the importance of a seamless Magento CRM Integration and thus we pay proper attention towards optimizing both platforms for your business. We use agile integration methodology that clearly visualizes your business requirements, ensures a proper backup of your Magento store, and synchronizes data before moving forward with the integration. Once the integration is complete, our Magento team maintains contact to ensure your Magento Customization are intact and that bugs and issues are fixed in a timely manner. Get in touch now for a FREE Business Analysis to kickstart your Magento CRM Integration.

Q. Which CRM is best for Magento?

Since Magento is an open source platform, it can seamlessly integrate with all CRM platforms. SugarCRM is also open-source and its integration with Magento is comparatively more feature rich and cost-effective. Magento Salesforce Integration is also a good option for large organizations as it provides more functionality and advanced training, albeit at a steep price.


Q. How does CRM integrate with Magento?

A CRM integrates with Magento through a Magento CRM Extension. Get in touch with us to consolidate all your customer data with a CRM.


Q. Is Magento integrated with any POS solution?

Not by default, however you can choose to integrate your Magento store with a POS solution via its API.


Q. Can I integrate QuickBooks with Magento?

Yes, you can. Get in touch with us for the seamless integration of QuickBooks with Magento.


Q. Can I get custom reports directly on CRM from Magento?

Yes, after integrating your CRM with Magento, you can get the business reports in your CRM from Magento. This eliminates the hassle of switching between multiple windows and programs.

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