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Optimize the Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud

Sales Cloud is a specific Salesforce application designed to help organizations sell smarter and faster. This is done through different means like centralizing customer information, logging interactions, allowing for collaboration across teams, and automating different kinds of tasks. What’s better is that it puts all of your customer and potential leads information in one place, giving sales teams the ability to be more productive. Sales cloud has been built upon the flexible 360° platform, meaning businesses leverage from legacy systems without having to rip and replace. Organizations are able to use the Salesforce interface to present data from multiple back-end systems to users, resulting in higher productivity levels, more efficiency and better customer experience.

Having a fueled digital experience underpins great customer service. Salesforce Sales Cloud has many digital aspects to offer, which Rolustech can help you achieve.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

Lead Management

Salesforce’s lead management helps you keep track of what impact your campaigns are making on your potential leads. The activity timeline that is being generated helps you keep detailed information of who your potential leads are viewing and interacting with. This helps your team know what move to make and when to make it ensuring you enter their sales funnel at the best time possible.

Reports and Dashboards

This feature helps you drag and drop fields and filters so you can create robust reports that give you real-time visibility. Dashboards bring all reporting and information onto one screen, giving you a chance to get a clear birds eye view on the whole situation in your company. This way you are able to highlight all important information and then utilize it to make data-driven decisions when needed.

Opportunity Management

The purpose of opportunity management is to help you streamline your sales processes. With path, salespeople are easily able to identify what stage the deal is on, track activity of the deal and then create a list of tasks needed to move forward with the process. Sales Cloud offers basic built-in quoting capabilities helping you build quotes for customers and being able to email to clients directly from Salesforce.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein is an add-on to Sales Cloud which uses Artificial intelligence to analyze your data and make recommendations to inform your teams to help make more informed decisions. Lead Scoring, Activity Capture, Opportunity Insights, and Account Insights are all focused on helping salespeople identify the best opportunities and build deeper relationships with customers based on data.

Activity Management

Salesforce main focus is centralizing information, this prevents your team from having to switch back and forth between emails, spreadsheets, reports hence increasing productivity. Sales cloud also has a feature of email integration between Salesforce to Outlook or Gmail which works by syncing you contacts with Salesforce, allowing you to automate follow-ups to help close leads faster and generate greater amounts of business.

Pipeline and Forecast Management

Pipeline management gives you a clear idea of where your deals are, this helps sales managers and sales executives know where to look and how to train their teams to keep accurate KPIs. Forecast management allows managers to predict future sales and trends based on past sales data, resulting in more accurate decisions. With sales cloud, you are given the flexibility to change forecasts based on changing trends and demands.

Process Automation

Majority of a salespersons time is spent on administrative tasks, so finding an automated process to reduce time spent on this would be ideal. In sales cloud, you can set up automations that automate manual tasks and track progress allowing teams to focus more on relationship building. What’s better is that sales cloud can handle auto-fill orders and automate around sales approvals.

Enterprise Territory Management

Enterprise territory management is used to make and maintain your organizations sales territories. This includes creating different territory types, building modes and then assigning users and accounts. However, this is not available in all Sales Cloud editions, it can be found in the Enterprise and Unlimited Editions version, so to get a better idea you can look into these in more detail.

Case Management

Sales Cloud offers case management capabilities that help solve customers problems. Email to case brings users into Salesforce and allows customers to easily email their support issues. Their emails are then centrally located in Salesforce, presented in a readable manner and then assigned to agents, where you can resolve these issues without without having to switch between email and Salesforce.

Common Customer Service Challenges Solved with Sales Cloud

Challenge #1

Calculations of prices, sales quotas, commissions are in Excel, prone to human error, difficult to maintain.


Salesforce Sales Cloud keeps sales quotas, price books, commission calculation organized.

Challenge #2

Approvals and notifications are in manually sent emails, buried in overloaded mailboxes.


Processes are supported by Salesforce workflows configured with a point-and-click tool, Process Builder.

Challenge #3

Policies are supported by validation rules and automated workflows.


Processes are supported by Salesforce workflows configured with a point-and-click tool, Process Builder.

Why Salesforce Sales Cloud

More Accurate Forecasting

Not all sales platforms are able to make predictions that are near perfect. However, salesforce sales cloud is a platform that gives you that benefit, allowing you to make near the most informed decisions you can get. It offers features like in-line editing, personalized projection sections, and multi-currency compatibility, as well as real-time access to your forecasts.

Accelerate Sales Growth

Growth is an important part of every organization, Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you achieve that. You are able to create a pipeline more quickly, resulting in increased sales productivity. CRM apps also allows salespeople to save and work with data on each prospect, ensuring that their information is available at all times.

Tailored to Your Industry, Your Business

Using a platform that can be tailored to your industry and most important your business is very important. Creating a CRM software is not cheap in terms of money or time, so it is important to create a good one. Salesforce has been an evolving platform for more than 23 years now and has customers from all sorts of industries, meaning no competitor can easily compete with this niche player.

Build Strong Customer Base

Having a strong customer base is one of the major factors contributing to your organizations success. Salesforce Sales Cloud enables you to unite all of your teams in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the client experience. Moreover, it helps you get to know your customers in more detail, where you can also easily keep detailed reports on them. All in all, resulting in loyal and long-term consumers.

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