Comprehensive Salesforce Training Services

Salesforce Admin Training

Our Salesforce admin coaching is tailored to provide a complete understanding of the Salesforce platform. From setup and configuration to maintenance and deployment of applications; this comprehensive hands-on approach to Salesforce administration will provide a solid understanding of the following:

  • How to create a secure Salesforce environment for your organization, configure changes and move data between environments.
  • How to customize Salesforce applications (Fields, Tabs, Processes, Layouts) and extend functionality with custom apps and objects
  • How to import/export and maintain/improve data
  • How to create dashboards and reports and provide analytics of your business
  • How to setup automations and implement complex workflows

Find the perfect stepping stones towards Salesforce Admin Certification with our detailed admin teaching.

Training Process Overview

Thoroughly understand the goals and objectives for your implementation.

Host virtual training and coaching sessions, following your training plan.

Define your training strategy & align your team accordingly.

Define success milestones and end goals while tracking your progress, with feedback.

We develop your training plan based on your users needs and abilities.

Successful user adoption -we did it!
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Salesforce Developer Training

Besides Salesforce development services, we provide Salesforce development coaching so you don’t find yourself in a puzzle when something goes amiss. We can help you find your way through Apex, Visualforce and Lightning and give you the capability to venture into the platform.
Learn the following with our Salesforce Developer training:

  • Custom code
  • Custom triggers for targets in records
  • Manage custom data sets
  • Custom Lightning Components
  • Surface Lightning Components and Applications
  • Lightning Apps that allow users to search, read and update data from
  • Customize through Salesforce Lightning Design Systems

Our Salesforce Developer coaching conforms with Salesforce Certification standards and helps you learn how to use Apex to build applications and customize Visualforce Pages as well as how to customize, edit and use Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce End User Training

Our Salesforce End User coaching is targeted towards Sales, Support and Marketing teams to bring them up to speed on all things Salesforce. With this End-user training, you can get a robust understanding of various Salesforce Clouds i.e. Analytics Cloud, Sales CloudService Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. Learn how to harness the power of analytics, create sales reports,  and add information related to accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities. Apart from this, our end-user teaching also includes an overview of important tools such as Salesforce knowledge and communities to help you keep connected to resources in the future.

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Salesforce Cloud-Specific Training

Getting your team onboard Salesforce is now easier than ever with Rolustech. We provide Salesforce online training in all Salesforce related mediums that serve as strong foundations as well as great springboards to push you further, depending on where you stand with Salesforce. As a Certified Salesforce Partner, our in-depth industry knowledge, profound customer experience and proven delivery methods combine to craft the perfect training experience for you!

Salesforce Training and User Adoption

Change Readiness and Communication

We will help in communicating your project goals, benefits and new ways of working. We will also create user awareness, understanding and readiness for change because all this is critical to the success of your implementation

User Adoption Measures

It is always important to measure the use of Salesforce in driving and sustaining user adoption. We will help you achieve this through custom metrics and proactive monitoring.

Stakeholder Engagement and Support

Without the buy-in of your stakeholders user adoption can be difficult to achieve. We will make sure that all key people are informed about each decision being made and are involved each step of the way.

Personalized Training

It is important to make your employees understand the functionality of Salesforce implementation before they start working with it. Only this way will you benefit from high ROI.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the Salesforce Knowledge Base is available in the Salesforce Essentials and Unlimited Editions. It can also be added to the Professional, Enterprise, and Developer Editions for an additional cost.

Rolustech offers a range of Salesforce training options to give you a complete understanding of the Salesforce platform. You can choose from Salesforce Admin Training, Salesforce Developer Training, Salesforce End-User Training, and Salesforce Cloud-Specific Training.

Salesforce training offers a range of benefits, including increased user adoption, improved efficiency, optimized daily tasks, identification, and resolution of issues, and the discovery of hidden features.

Yes, Rolustech provides online Salesforce training led by certified Salesforce developers. This option allows you to fully leverage Salesforce in your business and gain a comprehensive understanding of the different features in Salesforce Clouds. You can also schedule training for your entire team.

The cost of Salesforce training varies depending on the type of training and the provider. Investing in Salesforce training is a worthwhile expense since it allows your team to make the most out of the platform. You can schedule a free meeting with our team to learn more.

Learning Salesforce can take 3-6 months for beginners. You can reduce the time required by obtaining assistance from Salesforce Certified Experts.

Yes, you should invest in Salesforce training for your staff. This investment can increase productivity, improve business performance, and help your team get the most out of your Salesforce platform.