Records’ visualization

View all your Leads, Contacts and Accounts on Google Maps to visualize their location.


Radial Search

Draw a circle from any location to plot prioritized records within a certain radius.



Focus your search using custom fields and use Sugar’s default filters to get best matching results.


Mobile Compatible

Make your sales reps truly mobile with the mobile app!

About RT SalesMap

Feature-rich SugarCRM plugin that empowers your sales team by integrating


Effortlessly locate and track your SugarCRM Accounts, Leads, and Contacts using the power of Google Maps API integration. With this integration, you can view your SugarCRM data on a Google location map and access Google Maps directions to easily navigate to your desired location. Say goodbye to tedious searches and hello to streamlined navigation with this Google Maps integration.

About RTSalesmap


SugarCRM Records in Google Maps

RT SalesMap is an advanced sales data visualizer that utilizes the power of Google Maps API. This plugin fetches data from SugarCRM records of Accounts, Contacts, and Leads and displays them on a Google location map view. With this integration, the positioning of the results is automatically determined by the addresses associated with the SugarCRM records, providing a comprehensive overview of your sales data. The visual representation of your data makes it easy to identify trends and patterns, and the plugin also provides access to Google Maps directions to help you navigate to your desired location with ease. Say goodbye to boring spreadsheets and hello to interactive visualizations with RT SalesMap and Google Maps API.

Custom Search Criteria

Customize your search as per your needs. RT SalesMap offers custom search criteria to provide the best matching results. You can filter your records by selecting different fields and their values.

Address Validation

Validate your addresses through RT SalesMap. The plugin has been developed to pick addresses from Sugar and identify the geocoded and non-geocoded address. Geocoded addresses are the valid addresses with defined latitude and longitude coordinates. RT SalesMap counts invalid addresses and shows the number below the map.

Route Planner

Plan your route with the RT SalesMap’s route planner. This feature helps you not only in finding the best route from your source location to the destination but also provides driving direction.

Radial Search

RT SalesMap allows users to filter their search by radius from a certain location. Enter the center location, then enter the radius, and a simple toggle will limit the search to records within the radius only. This will help users prioritize records that are within a certain distance of a desired location. The radius can be created in both miles and kilometers, making it useful for both US and European markets.

Record Segmentation

Identify the category of pins on the map through record segmentation. To segment records on the map, RT SalesMap uses a combination of multiple colors. For instance, Green colored pins represent Contacts, Red-colored pins stand for Accounts, and Blue pins depict Leads etc.

Pin Clustering

If multiple pins are in close proximity, a zoomed out view shows them as a cluster, with the number of pins in each cluster specified. Zooming in breaks down the cluster into smaller clusters, whereby pins are separated from each other. At the most granular level, there are no clusters, and pins are visible in their individual locations.

Save Search

Want to save your search and the predefined set of filters against which your search is being performed? It is possible with RT SalesMap. RT SalesMap enables creation and storage of filters you define for your search. This feature saves time while being handy.


Monthly Plan


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  • Can use on multiple test and dev instances
  • Support Included
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  • Google API pricing is charged separately
  • Also available on SuiteCRM
  • Works with Sugar 7.11 to 10.0
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